Sacred Expansion

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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Ron uses beautiful imagery - and a colorful ball - to guide you through this wonderfully challenging flow that focuses on expansion. His teaching style is like no other, full of fantastic analogies and a flow that often feels more like dance than yoga.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


percevial0815 2 years ago

This is a good flow. I like the movement. As others stated, I got off a bit due to some missing or late cues. There are times when you almost need to watch in order to not miss transitions. With other classes on the site, the verbal instructions are sufficient, which is important since you may be in a posture where you can’t look at your device. I had a hard time connecting to the ball metaphor. As a male, I like watching Ron. It provides a context for me. While I may not be able to achieve his level of flexibility, the quality of his movement is inspiring and reassures me that with time I can accomplish quality movement.

Adventuress42 3 years ago

There is a jump in video where we are at the back of the mat and Ron (the teacher) continues moving us with a break in video so we are moving off mat and he is all of a sudden (video break/edit issue) at front.
There are a few transitions that he does not give equally to both sides, and that are somewhat dangerous on the back - so be cautious and centered, take some time as needed. Defintely need to be very experienced so you know immediately how to keep strong through this class with fast transitions that can be very straining.

I have done yoga for about 16 years and mostly can follow along all the DoYogaWithMe videos by just explanations without looking at the screen however in this one I find it impossible. The teacher talks about this wonderful ball of energy moving in the body but with no idea where he's actually going till way past my breath cycle, and very often not at all without moving out of position to look at the screen.

I highly suggest trying to follow a full breath behind but that is difficult to do.

Just a note- the breathy microphone makes it very difficult to know where to be in the breath cycle for those postures that are not explained, eventually I was able to get past it but it is an added difficulty.

Nice things about this video though -it's a lovely flow and the energy of the ball moving through the body helped me align and move deeper in lovely ways. I'd really like another teacher to do this flow. Some of Ken's other classes are easier to follow though. As a note to him, it'd be good to know where we are going First, then talk about the ball of energy getting us there.

David Procyshyn 3 years ago

Thanks for the detailed feedback. We're always looking to improve and we'll consider your comments our next filming session.

Petraathome 3 years ago

Wonderful session. Loved the imagery with the expanding sphere. Felt my whole body opening up letting in air and light and energy and peace. Thank you Ron for this amazing class. This was a game changing experience. I just ordered one of these spheres to keep in my yoga space so I can connect with your sacred expansion invitations when I practice.

ucheoseb 3 years ago

I didn't quite connect with this class...the ball metaphor didn't really click with me, and that's okay, that's not a problem. To me though, this class had a rushed, almost fidgety feel to it. I never felt like I understood where we were going to go next. The usual "flow" from movement to movement that I usually associate with Vinyasa yoga was missing for me here. I'm happy to see that others got so much enjoyment from it though!

Johannasjo 3 years ago

Great class when you want to transition from beginner to intermediate. All poses are explained in detail and I love the metaphor using the ball! Thank you

BenjaminHK 3 years ago

This is a fun , challenging class that is definitely good for intermediate level to improve and push myself. I have done this class several times now. It is also amusing that at 23:40 Ron magically moves from the back of the mat to the front!! :)

thekchog palma 3 years ago

A unique class that left me feeling like my whole body was moving so much more freely. Thank you - I love the emphasis on expansion. It was very effective.