Sacred Expansion

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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Ron uses beautiful imagery - and a colorful ball - to guide you through this wonderfully challenging flow that focuses on expansion. His teaching style is like no other, full of fantastic analogies and a flow that often feels more like dance than yoga.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


floogles 5 years ago

Great class Ron - thanks!

I have a lot of trouble with visualization, but even without the ball imagery this class is a perfect mixture of breath, power and flow. Challenging in parts, but always with precise instructions and much encouragement to stay in "your" yoga space.

This brushing up against the wall, then backing off a little is very good practice.

For those with good imagination this class will be even better.

mhohmann1987 5 years ago

I really enjoyed the ball analogy! Given that it's under the intermediate power yoga category I thought it was going to be more challenging than it was. Ron seemed to be having a hard time with the heat and humidity but here at home I would have liked to move through more poses in the 74 minutes.

Catlj 5 years ago

Ron's sequence and style of teaching made this video one of the best yoga practices I've ever done. A perfect balance between challenge and relaxation, excellent use of imagery to help deepen poses in an invigorating way, and slow enough to really feel and breathe in each posture. Thank you!

sarahsarahster 5 years ago

This is a wonderful class! Ron's style is round and softer than what I've experienced with other instructors, but it is also informed and practiced. I literally felt more open and expanded after completing this class.

This class was surprisingly challenging for me. I felt great the day after completing it. One of my favorite characteristics about Ron's instruction style are his reminders to soften places and keep things pliable and comfortable in the pose. He has an excellent understanding of the body and was able to help me remind myself that my body is unique and I need to find my comfort zone or "sweet spot" in the pose, and avoid forcing my body into tight poses that are uncomfortable and not at all serving me.

lpep 5 years ago

I learn something new every time I do this class. The imagery is beautiful and works very well. Thank you very much Ron.

Lilalou 5 years ago

I really enjoyed this class and the imagery of the ball is really helpful to expand your breathing. I did find the explanation a little vague at times, especially where I couldnt see the screen in downward dog or bridge pose, and it's not clear exactly what leg we're lifting or in which direction.. maybe a voicover would help to make it clearer? But great class overall!