Multilevel Morning Flow

Fiji McAlpine
Hatha Yoga
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Fiji takes you to a gorgeous beach in Victoria, BC, to teach this multilevel flow class with thirteen of her students. She gives three options for the major poses within each flow, giving you alternatives so that you can practice the way the suits your body best.


I Can't Breathe!
Yogini In Training 4 years ago

This was an absolutely great sequence and it really opened up my shoulders and inner thighs (which I desperately needed) but I felt as though my breathing was almost double what Fiji's was. It seemed as though for every one cycle of breath she took, I took two. I know its not the practice but maybe more my mentality about it (trying to keep up/ do more than I should).
I tried to keep it all in my victorious nose breathing but I had to fight the urge to breathe through my mouth most of the time. Anyone have any tips to calm my breathing???

Hi Yogini, I can relate to
Chelsea3048 3 years ago

Hi Yogini, I can relate to your breathing issues, however for me it differs day to day and changes between breathing much slower than everyone else, and not being able to get a full breath no matter how full my lungs physically feel. For me I have accepted that it is likely something to do with anxiety. I have just had to work through it, and try not to get frustrated by it as this usually makes it worse. I would recommend practising a good 10 minutes of pranayama before doing yoga. This slows down the breath and strengthens the breathing muscles.

Also, something that has recently helped me is doing a 10 day Vipassana meditation course. I spent the first 7 days of the course struggling with my breath and that was when I was finally able to see it without condemning it. I accepted it. Since then I haven't had the same level of trouble, though I accept that it is something that comes and goes in life.

The breath is so important. The fact that you have trouble with it might be a good thing. It is something that you have to face and can't really ignore, so it might be a doorway to solving some deep rooted complex (at least it was for me), a doorway that isn't easy for everyone to find.

Best of luck :)

sesroh 4 years ago

Hi, David.

thanks for making these classes available. I really enjoy both Fiji and Tracey's classes as they are incredibly challenging even at the intermediate level. I do have a question, however. Sometimes after completing Fiji's twist classes, I experience tightness and even pinching in my lower back for a couple days following. During the class I don't feel any pain when in the poses, so I assume I'm doing the poses correctly. Do you have any advice for me? Am I most likely moving incorrectly or is it possible that my lower back is just weak and needs time to become strong enough for twists?

Thanks again!

Lower back in twists
David Procyshyn 4 years ago

Hi there.

Thanks for the question.... it's an important one for a lot of students.

It's an interesting situation when you feel pain after doing yoga, particularly when you were comfortable during the entire practice. I myself attribute that to a possible misalignment in your back or hips that causes an inflammation that you only feel later on. In this case, it would not be advisable to do the twists as deeply as you were.

However, without seeing you in person it's a difficult diagnosis to make. I would highly recommend that you see a qualified professional, such as a physiotherapist or massage therapist, who can assess what is going on. They also may have some helpful suggestions to prevent this from happening in the future, such as strengthening your core muscles.

I hope that helps.


David Founder

Thank you!
sesroh 4 years ago

Thank you for your suggestions, David. I will visit a massage therapist and avoid deep twists in the near future.

aamama 4 years ago

I've only been a member here for two days, after hearing about DYWM from a friend. This is my first class from this site and it was a great way to start off! I attend my local yoga studio three days per week for a 75 minute Hot Flow, but can't get there more often than that with the hectic schedule of my young family. After practicing with Fiji here I'll be adding this the other four days per week . What a great, full body, multi-level class that can grow with me as I become stronger and more flexible. Thanks for helping me further develop my practice, and Namaste!

Perfect energizing start to the day
kny2004 4 years ago

I love the pace and energy of this class. It keeps me focused on my movements and breathing at a time of day when my mind is prone to wandering. I always end this practice feeling strong and centered to start my day. It is one of my favorites. The progression and options are great for building strength and flexibility. I found my strength and balance in crow pose through this practice. I find Fiji's voice and cues to be soothing and clear. Thank you for this great class.

Fiji rocks
Marisela 5 years ago

Love you class,, it is so energetic. Don't agree with others users about your voice. I think it is amazing that you can even talk doing plank and so any demanding poses while we are puffing for air. I will love a class doing pigeon pose, cow and some other hip openers with your style. Thanks for a great class.

Haven't sweated this much in a while!
danake 5 years ago

I've only recently joined this site but so far I am SO impressed with the videos! Fiji's morning flow class is one of the most energetic and sweat-producing yoga classes I've taken in a while. Fantastic class, love the various levels. I also love the clarity with which Fiji provides instruction.

In response to a previous comment about Fiji's voice, I'd say it is a bit different from the softer, more calming voices I'm used to from previous yoga classes, but I quickly got over it because she is so clear in her instructions, and the strength of her voice adds to that clarity. If you want to get a bit metaphysical, I guess you could even say the strength of her voice could inspire students to translate that strength to their poses!

Anyway, really really love this routine and will definitely use it again (once I recover from today that is)! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Fiji!!

Thank you for an amazing class!
Becca Mae 5 years ago

Figi, this is a beautiful class and I am definitely adding this to my regular classes. Your instructions were very clear and I was able to get through the whole class with just two small breaks. :) I was able to see what I need to work on, and my goal is to be able to do a full chaturanga and a full plow pose (I can only get my legs about halfway down to the floor behind me right now).

To anyone who is a beginner: do not shy away from this video because of the 'intermediate' rating. Figi gives beginner options for all the moves and I believe you will be surprised at what your body can do, I sure was! :)


Becca Mae