Lines, Angles and Loops

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 
In this power yoga class, Fiji explores creative ways of helping you visualize alignment and improve body awareness as you flow through your yoga practice. You can't learn too much about how to feel safe, energized and aligned in your yoga practice. The music playlist is provided by Yogitunes.


slow and steady
rebebe 3 weeks ago

This video is no joke. If you are doing the moves from the right place, it is quite a challenging flow. If you pat attention to Fiji's instruction, there are many opportunities to make corrections to your alignment. Form and strength. This class is my favorite on the website.

Eloquent and Smooth
jesrosalie 4 months ago

first class with Do Yoga With Me... Eloquent, well paced, very happy!

Brilliant class
Tracey Newton 5 months ago

This class flows so well and the detailed instructions make an enormous difference. One of my favourites. Thanks Fiji !!!

Thank you so much Fiji. You
WaywardAlchemist 6 months ago

Thank you so much Fiji. You always challenge me and are so thorough in your instructions, it's truly a revelation. Every class gives me a clarity and strength that I am so grateful for. <3

hcondry 6 months ago

Wishing the first few minutes, the music got very loud and overpowered her voice. It only lasted for a short time but it was very distracting.

Wonderful ! Thank you Fiji,
Arty yoga 6 months ago

Wonderful ! Thank you Fiji, excellent instructions

Holy moly love love
chopper 6 months ago

Wow this is challenging and fabulous I love the details and description of every move I love that you always remind me of my breathing because when I feel like quitting it is a good a distraction and I just keep on going
I love that you held the possess longer and now I am ready to start my work day with a clear mind
Peace and love to you figi and all of the fabulous instructors I get to hang out with everyday !

Deceptively powerful
Kiratee 6 months ago

Slow but oh-so-very strong class! It made me realise where I 'cheat' in yoga - some very valuable lessons here! Thank you for always teaching me something new. Wonderful <3

Fíji I love you!
Alinec 6 months ago

This is a very slow and meditative class but at the same time, oh so challenging! I feel great right now, thank you! Your classes are amazing!