Lines, Angles and Loops

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.7 (106 votes)
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In this power yoga class, Fiji explores creative ways of helping you visualize alignment and improve body awareness as you flow through your yoga practice. You can't learn too much about how to feel safe, energized and aligned in your yoga practice.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


shira 4 months ago

Gentle strengthening. Perfect, detailed, informative and constructive instructions!
Fiji, you are an incredible teacher.
Thank you, so helpful in these times and anytime...

mromero 9 months ago

Fiji, I find your instruction so helpful. It really helps me to feel perfectly aligned and engaged. I love all of your classes, holding positions in place can be so challenging but also empowering. Thank you for really helping me to hone my practice.

Lara47 10 months ago

Fiji I love your moves but you talk TOO much!! It is so distracting and I can't get through any of your classes.

nadonado 1 year ago

I didn't know I needed this class until I found it. Aaahhhh..... so nice. Beautifully choreographed. I feel so peaceful after this class.

karalittle 1 year ago

This class is primarily an alignment instruction to keep your spine aligned properly in a several different postures. If you are looking for a quiet meditation, save this one for later, as it is about 90% dialogue. A good refresher I could see going to 1-2 times a year.
There were the 2 most "difficult" postures popped in the middle of the class - their timing felt a bit unexpected to me. We went from chair to bum on heels, and then to an arm balance.
It was obvious I hadn't done longer lunges and holds for a while, much needed!

Samera 1 year ago

Thanks for the lovely yoga. But is it possible to talk less during the yoga. It's so hard to concentrate and not really calming when doing yoga wit a lot of talking. I'm sorry, i hope you do not take this personal. Thanks, Namaste :)

Healthy2016 10 months ago

This is an old message, but I just saw it.'
Samera, just a recommendation.
I personally love Fidgi's instructions because they are so thorough. I feel that without proper coaching, I would be doing a lot of wrong things. For me listening to her is like having a personal coach. Have you tried to do the session just by listening without looking at the video?

Isabelle 3 months ago

Me too I love the instructions, they’re always relevant and on point and help keep me in the moment as well as make sure im doing it right. A lot of other instructors just babble which is v different

Katelynw35 1 year ago

I love this class. It is so grounding in so many ways. Bringing full attention to each and every pose.. would love more alignment classes like this one. Thank you :)