Level 2 Yoga/Pilates Fusion: A Core/Hip Quickie

Kim Wilson
Instructor Kim Wilson
Average: 4.6 (133 votes)
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This 20 min. fusion class is perfect if you are looking for a quick core workout combined with deep stretching. Taken from her full-length Level 2 Yoga/Pilates Fusion class, Kim has a way of pushing you to challenge yourself while providing amazingly clear body alignment.

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


Rebecca Maxwell 1 month ago

Thank you! Great workout in a short time. I have some core to work on so will return to this.

bethinpdx 1 year ago

Lovely class, although some of the core work on my back with my legs hovering was difficult for me....hard on my back. I modified by lifting the leg(s) a smidge higher. I also would like to know if you know the name of the mudra? I would like to read more about it. Thank you!

This made me realise that i have been ignoring my core. This is going to become one of my favourite go-to classes.

fadelee927 4 years ago

Love the deep hip openers but the core workout was hard for me to get through given all the weight is on the tailbone area.

nadturg 4 years ago

Loved it to connect to inner fire and inner self, thank you!

laney 4 years ago

I can really feel the energy in my hips now (chronically tight from a sitting-all-day job). Love the sleeping dog, but the sound could be better - it's hard to understand Kim's sweet voice at times.

veg4lyfe 5 years ago

This has quickly become my favorite video for yoga, its quick, it feels amazing on my hips and core and there's a chill dog in the background. Kim you're a wonderful teacher with a great soothing voice and your yoga sessions rock. Keep up the great work!

Becky in TX 5 years ago

You are a Joy to listen to and see. LOVELY
I really like this little session.
I am having some difficulties though. When I reach back to grab my foot, on the pinky side :), the back of my thigh CRAMPS. This has been a problem for a while. The fronts could use the stretch but the backs are fighting it. yikes