Level 2 Yoga/Pilates Fusion: A Core/Hip Quickie

Kim Wilson
Instructor Kim Wilson
Average: 4.6 (132 votes)
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This 20 min. fusion class is perfect if you are looking for a quick core workout combined with deep stretching. Taken from her full-length Level 2 Yoga/Pilates Fusion class, Kim has a way of pushing you to challenge yourself while providing amazingly clear body alignment.

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


amandasd12 6 years ago

Your encouraging words at the end were the perfect start to my day. And my core is burning with LOVE!
<3 amanda

marilyn3rietveld 6 years ago

aww Kim is a sweetie! the class is great when you don't have much time or if you are tired but need a bit of an energiser.

JollyGreenGiant 6 years ago

I love Kim's Level 2 Yoga/Pilates fusion video from which this 17min. one is edited. It's a great edit (doesn't feel like an "excerpt") and includes my favorite part: the awesome core exercises, with warm up and cool down.

So glad I tried this one!

missk.ann89 7 years ago

I'm the procrastinator queen and this short but challenging class is amazing when I've not given myself the proper amount of time to go through a "full class"! Plus, Kim is super high energy, amazing at explaining the steps (and giving options), and incredibly positive. What's not to love!?

Alida5477 7 years ago

I am a very busy home schooling mother with ((like most woman these days))little time to do anything for myself. I love to workout and most of all I love to feel like I worked out. I am a runner. . .but hate it! :) I run 3 to 6 miles several days a week. When I do this I feel stiff and stiff and stiffer still. At one time in my life I was a martial artist. AND I loved it!!! How I miss it! These days even though I run, I feel out of shape and some days older then I should. My body is tight as can be. I found Kim's classes and do the short ones because of time. I love them!!! YAY!!! Thank you KIm!!!! I love your style! I love the way you tell me where I should feel what. And believe it or not after only three days of the short classes my hips don't hurt as much! YaY! I bet this yoga thing will improve my running. maybe I'll like it more if I can walk after. :) THANKS AGAIN KIM!!! YOUR THE BEST!

SarahEsther 7 years ago

Kim has such a positive and rejuvenating energy. This class is perfect first thing in the morning before heading out for a long day.

Would love to see more intermediate-level classes at around the 15-20 minute range. So far this one is it, and many weeks I'll do it every day in a row!

Jennille 7 years ago

A short and sweet workout for waking up the body. Good core work.