Kundalini Yoga for the Root Chakra

Dawn Rabey
Instructor Dawn Rabey
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This class will help you feel more grounded and mentally calm, as well as increasing the flow of energy from the root chakra (muladhara) through the spine and right up to the head. It will also help strengthen your pelvic floor, core and back muscles.

Equipment: None
Style: Guided Meditation, Kundalini Yoga


frauboerd 1 week ago

The first time I did this Kundalini class and it changed something within me. Wow! Thank you!

Francina 1 week ago

Calming, grounding. Absolutely the best I've experienced for peace, calm, security, grounding, serenity. positive energy. More please.

AmrapaliR 1 year ago

Hi Dawn Thank you so much for your beautiful kundalini class. I'm also clinical psychologist so can you suggest me any useful cours which will help me to apply on clients

sabrina711 1 year ago

One of the more beautiful and powerful yoga practices I've done in a long time. I found myself releasing intense emotions throughout, laughing and crying at various points. Thank you for your beautiful energy!

Ggithens 1 year ago

I first did a kundalini class in college and truly did not get it I went and went and hated it more and more. This morning it came up and I just said heck, I need root chakra today.
Last week my 5 year old was diagnosed with cancer. I have been an adrenal nightmare and have been unable to come down from my head .
I will do this practice daily probably for the next year of my life. I am finally aware of my fear. Please know that you are helping people and let my light shine down on you.

Iska 1 year ago

For a long time now I have been doing anything I could to ground myself back. I have been walking barefoot on the grass, spend hours working in the garden, meditating, doing yoga, eating foods that will help me root back myself into the Mother Earth's heart, yet I was lacking some important tool, that would bring me back the feeling of balance. And here I am, few minutes after finishing this amazing class, feeling light and present at the same time, like this class is a cherry on top of all the efforts I have been putting lately to regain my balance... I cannot thank you enough for bringing this practice here. You could not imagine, how much it helped me. I will be returning to this practice every week now, so grateful the Universe brought me here to find you!
Thank you!

Kimby 2 years ago

I don't want to be dramatic - but Dawn you've literally changed my life.

soshedid86 2 years ago

This was my first Kundalini class. Very meditative and opened up space for self-reflection. Thank you!

susan.rae 2 years ago

Hi Dawn, I hope I am not so far behind the 8 ball that you can't answer me. I have chosen to do the complete 7-week programme of Kundalini yoga. It recommends to repeat each week 3 times.
Is it okay to repeat each class more than that? I get so much out of it, I want more... is more okay?

Dawn Rabey 2 years ago

Hello Susan,
Thank you for your question. And yes, absolutely, you can practice more than 3X/week if you want. The 3X/week is the minimum that I recommend - but if it feels great for your body/mind/soul, daily is great! Warmly, Dawn www.dawnrabey.com