Kundalini Yoga for the Root Chakra

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Dawn Rabey
Kundalini Yoga
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This class will help you feel more grounded and mentally calm, as well as increasing the flow of energy from the root chakra (muladhara) through the spine and right up to the head. It will also help strengthen your pelvic floor, core and back muscles.


I don't want to be dramatic -
Kimby 1 month ago

I don't want to be dramatic - but Dawn you've literally changed my life.

soshedid86 2 months ago

This was my first Kundalini class. Very meditative and opened up space for self-reflection. Thank you!

Hi Dawn, I hope I am not so
susan.rae 4 months ago

Hi Dawn, I hope I am not so far behind the 8 ball that you can't answer me. I have chosen to do the complete 7-week programme of Kundalini yoga. It recommends to repeat each week 3 times.
Is it okay to repeat each class more than that? I get so much out of it, I want more... is more okay?

More than three/week is fine!
Dawn Rabey 4 months ago

Hello Susan,
Thank you for your question. And yes, absolutely, you can practice more than 3X/week if you want. The 3X/week is the minimum that I recommend - but if it feels great for your body/mind/soul, daily is great! Warmly, Dawn www.dawnrabey.com

Thank you for these amazingly
R1234 7 months ago

Thank you for these amazingly effective classes you post on this website. It is so promising that they create a difference very very quickly after practice. Namaste.

Centered me after a road rage incident
green2u 7 months ago

How fortuitous that your video came up today on my 21-day yoga challenge. Last night, I experienced a very scary, life-threatening road rage incident. I couldn't shake it and felt very off -center. Your class really helped me get back to feeling calm and centered. Thank you!

Re: Calming effect
David Procyshyn 4 months ago

Wow, I’m really glad this class was so helpful for both of you. Road rage can be scary!

Kundalini after road rage
susan.rae 4 months ago

Wow! I too had a very scary road rage incident where I was assaulted. I felt so traumatised I didn't think I would be able to drive again, but after repeating the kundalini class, I felt more mentally balanced and recovered faster than expected.
Thank you.

Holistic Heroin... 7 months ago

I loved this practice for the root chakra, helping to aid the body in elimination of toxins and spiritually what no longer serves us. Thank you. Sat Nam.

Wonderful. I enjoyed hearing
Stance 8 months ago

Wonderful. I enjoyed hearing the words of what this session was about. I love chanting. It was spiritual & refreshing both of what I needed. Thank you, Dawn...Namaste.