Kundalini Yoga for the Root Chakra

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Instructor Dawn Rabey
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This class will help you feel more grounded and mentally calm, as well as increasing the flow of energy from the root chakra (muladhara) through the spine and right up to the head. It will also help strengthen your pelvic floor, core and back muscles.

Equipment: None
Style: Kundalini Yoga


Sat Nam Sangatras Singh, The name of the main Kriya in this vid
Dawn Rabey 3 years ago

Sat Nam Sangatras Singh,
You are welcome! The name of the main Kriya in this video is "Kundalini Yoga Apana Kriya (Elimination Exercises)".
Blessings, Dawn (www.dawnrabey.com)

I am very new to this site.
Cata06 3 years ago

I am very new to this site.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful video. I have been noticing the blockages on my first chakras and now that I decide to go back to yoga, I am so grateful after finding this one. I definitely felt the energy flowing. I will continue with the this beautiful practice. Thank you very much.

I have just had a cleansing
Holly 3 years ago

I have just had a cleansing of my aura and was told it was something to do with my root chakra.....that I was in desperate need of the help I was given(and I was, most definitely). I had strayed from doing yoga as much as I usually did, and when I came back here and saw this, I HAD to do it... I thought you were very concise with explaining how to pronounce the chants and I found it easy to go along with you once you got started. I'd never done this type of yoga before and I just want to say thank you so much. I will be looking for more of your classes.

Hello Holly,
Dawn Rabey 3 years ago

Hello Holly,
You are so welcome! I'm happy you found this video - and very interesting that your aura cleansing has to do with the root chakra. I hope you are feeling better! Blessings, Dawn (www.dawnrabey.com)

feeling MUCH better!
Holly 3 years ago

thankyou, feeling much better! this class is a pick-me-up on days that I just don't feel quite as good as others after the cleansing. It brings back the lightness that I felt right after the cleansing. I am still in the middle of the instructions I was given to help me, i was quite broken, so it's an ongoing process. So thanks for the link to your site! I will definitely check it out. I am sure you are helping lots of people, not just me-very grateful. Best Wishes, Holly

Everytime I'm finished doing
peeeeeeach 3 years ago

Everytime I'm finished doing this video, my mind is completely quite and full of bliss. Thank you so much.

YogaWriter 4 years ago

I love Kundalini Yoga but have been away from it for years. This is a great introduction back into it. I felt centered, calm, and well informed. She is a great instructor...clear and concise. Going to look for more of her videos.

Very relaxing experience
brittanyrose 4 years ago

I am a beginner when it comes to yoga, and after finishing this class I feel very awake, refreshed, and worry free. With the simple moves, it was easy for me to follow along. The only slight problem I had was with the pronunciation of the chants, other than that, this class has definitely sparked my interest in yoga. Thanks so much!

Thank You!
mcgarveyk 4 years ago

I have enjoyed your videos but sometimes find it difficult to find time for the longer duration (an hour or more). This shorter class is perfect for a busy working mom as myself. I feel very calm and centered. Keep them coming!

taniavenn 4 years ago

This was my first experience with this type of yoga. I'll have to try a few more and see how they are. It was interesting and relaxing.