Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

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Kundalini Yoga
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Dawn's lovely energy is perfect for this beginner kundalini yoga class. She introduces basic concepts that will help you for all kundalini classes that you do, then guides you effortlessly through a kriya that is easy to follow and will induce a deep sense of clarity, calm and focus.


Thank You!
Holistic Heroin... 1 month ago

Thank you Dawn for the beautiful practice!! I have fallen in love with the Kundalini style of yoga and this class is perfect for beginners! Sat Nam!

Such a rewarding class
gump.patrick 2 months ago

I have ADHD, so meditation is very difficult. I was initially hesitant to do this session, because of it's introspective and meditative nature, and how long it was. I must say though that my fears were unfounded. This class is surprisingly active, while immensely introspective. By the time I entered savasana, I was full of pure, meditative energy. Thank you so much for this class. I cannot wait to do it again!

Thank you, Dawn, for your
finch 6 months ago

Thank you, Dawn, for your wonderful, clear instruction. I have just one question. Could you explain the sat-nam breath, in particular for the Sat Kria? I understood that "sat" occurs on the inhale, but do you actually say "sat" on the inhale or do you inhale somewhere else? I tried to see what you do but it seemed like you were not even inhaling at all, which is amazing. It looked like you were exhaling both on the short "sat" and the long "nam". Thanks again, I feel very aware and alive after this wonderful class.

Sat Nam Kriya
Dawn Rabey 6 months ago

Dear Finch,
Thank you for your question, and, great question! Though, my answer will not be so satisfying at first. There are no breath instructions for the Sat Kriya, or rather, the instructions are specifically to not focus on the breath, and to let it happen naturally. The focus is on the chant 'Sat Nam', and the breath will regulate around it. It is awkward at first, but after several times, it will start to regulate itself and find it's own place. Do not try to control the breath or make it happen in any certain way. Chant "Sat Nam" and let the breath find it's way. I hope that helps - let me know how it goes! Dawnrabey@live.ca www.dawnrabey.com

Thank you so much, Dawn.
finch 6 months ago

Thank you so much, Dawn. That is actually very intuitive and helpful! I am a martial artist and do a lot of breath work so the breath regulating itself makes good sense to me. Thanks again!

Thank you!
KB0530 6 months ago

I had never done a Kundalini yoga class before. I feel so calm and refreshed after doing this class. Thank you!

Rbreid73 8 months ago

amazing class. I've never done kundalini yoga before, and I'm so glad I found the time while twin babies sleeping to do this class early morning. Echoing other comments, Dawn's expert tutorage, soothing voice and range of poses were just perfect for a kundalini newbie. i may not always have 78 minutes to spare between feeds, nappy changes etc, but I'll definitely be looking for opportunities to practice elements of Dawn's class whenever I get the chance. Thank you Dawn for giving so much in the class, I am very grateful. Sat Nam....

This is a perfect beginner
margotkeyes 8 months ago

This is a perfect beginner class for anyone who has never tried Kundalini Yoga, Dawn's soothing but not saccharin voice was quite helpful in bringing me to a new yoga practice understanding. This was helpful for my sore ankles being in seated cross-legged position and the breath series was very relaxing as well as invigorating. I am thrilled to find a new yoga style! The mantras were fun to do as well! Thank you for such great variety!!

Great beginners video
anap 9 months ago

This is the first of Dawn's video's that I tried and it got me hooked !
Thanks again Dawn for creating this lovely video classes. Wish you were closer to the Montreal area :-)

First time I actually feel my spine warm.
cnyx7 1 year ago

And very clear instructions =)