Hatha Yoga for the Heart Chakra

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Sarah Jane Steele
Hatha Yoga
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Opening your heart involves a physical, mental and emotional shift that can be difficult without guidance. Sarah-Jane helps you to do this by teaching a class that brings you into deep heart-openers, backbends, spinal stretches and relaxation.


Oh, I like it very much!
Julia Loginova 5 months ago

Oh, I like it very much! Short, intense a bit, calm flow!

Fantastic class! Like having
framela 7 months ago

Fantastic class! Like having a whole class concentrated down without feeling rushed. This will be a go-to on busy days. Thank you, Sarah Jane.

Thank you so much for this
spopdan 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this wonderful class, Sarah! My heart feels so very open!

i have no audio on this site.

i have no audio on this site...anybody else have that problem.


Great Energy!
dcapra 1 year ago

I loved this! I am always so tired by the end of the day. This practice gave me the energy I needed to do evening activities! And, I relaxed and felt calm. Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Thank you everyone for the honest feedback. We have changed this class to intermediate level. The flow is a bit faster than what is common for a beginner hatha yoga class and it is overall challenging enough to consider it in the intermediate category.
All the best,
DoYogaWithMe Founder

Too fast
Sapips 1 year ago

I agree with everyone else. I quit this in a flood of self loathing and tears. I pick beginner classes as I am really struggling to get back to my mat and struggling with injury recovery and not being able to do what I normally can. I wish I'd watched it first, and saved myself the tears instead of trusting the beginner label

I've just read through the
JudithAnne 1 year ago

I've just read through the comments and I am so glad that people can be honest and open here and say what they like or dislike. That is so important in yoga and in life. I loved doing this after a very challenging tabata session - I did it in my kitchen with the wood stove roaring, very warm. But I wouldn't call it a beginner class. I like having shorter intermediate classes to choose from on those days when I just don't have time but want to get in some asanas. And I second the chakra idea - would love to see classes of this length devoted to the different chakras.

It has been a frustrating
GL27 1 year ago

It has been a frustrating challenge. This, among many of the "beginner" videos, are so difficult. It is really discouraging. Many instructors in classes I have attended have given good advice for if you can't quite achieve a pose - but if you don't give me suggestions on how to do that (i.e. in this video I can't reach my own elbows behind my back OR bend my arms way forward) then I feel like I'm just hanging there and not able to think fast enough about how to adapt the pose myself to achieve the intended stretch. It's too fast and assumes too much flexibility for a true beginner. I am by no means intermediate but this isn't the first time I've done yoga and I don't think I can continue the challenge. It's making me feel sad about what little my body can do, when I was hoping for the opposite.

I am glad others are able to benefit from the challenge, and I thank all of the instructors for their efforts. I'll just have to practice a lot more to enjoy the beginner classes here.