Hatha Flow to Halfmoon Pose

Anastasia Hangemanole
Instructor Anastasia Hangemanole
Average: 4.9 (58 votes)
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This challenging beginner hatha yoga class is packed from start to finish. Anastasia leads you through a series of poses that prepare your body for halfmoon pose (ardha chandrasana), such as triangle pose (trikonasana), revolved triangle (parivrtta trikonasana), pigeon pose (kapotasana), a sequence of delicious reclined leg stretches and some core work. This full-length class will leave you feeling good from head to toe.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga


PeacefulRN 4 months ago

12/30/20. Revisiting this gentle practice. Nothing is forced, pace is quite slow and allows for plenty of breath and feeling into sensation.

Mork 6 months ago

I loved this class! Thank you Anastasia......will definitely be doing this again.

monkeymath 7 months ago

Quite challenging for me - I couldn't keep my balance in "halfmoon pose" - but it felt great. One of those classes that makes me wonder why I don't do one every day. I'll come back to it for sure!

Gitti 6 months ago

Agree, half moon will take many more attempts. Great class

Rjdupuis 8 months ago

Disappointed that this class is one that you have to pay for when it is part of the 8 week beginner course.

tandcole 9 months ago

Just what I needed today! This was my first class on DoYogaWithMe and it was a perfect start!. Thank you

logicfollows 11 months ago

Great class! It felt great, and the instruction was very clear. We all loved it! The audio isn't synced up fully to the video though, and equipment is both a block and a strap.