Evening Restorative Flow

Tianne Allan
Instructor Tianne Allan
Average: 3.7 (53 votes)
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Many restorative yoga lovers have long advocated the beneficial effects of this style of yoga on our sleep. We sleep more restfully, fall asleep more easily and wake up feeling rejuvenated and energized. Note: you will require a bolster, blankets and a block.

Equipment: Block, Bolster
Style: Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


jvaccarezza 9 months ago

I liked the poses very much and feel this would be a great class if only you let us know all the equipment we need before starting it. Besides getting up to grab extra blankets in the middle of the class, I found the transitions not as smooth as would be expected because of all the pillows/blocks/blankets arrangements in between poses. I couldn't relax at all.

Alatiel 1 year ago

This is a great restorative class. You do need more than just one block and a bolster for this class. I end up using two blocks, a bolster, a blanket, and a throw pillow when I do this class.

anewleaf19 1 year ago

Such a happy surprise! This class provided me with unexpected and immediate relief from months-long chronic shoulder pain that had progressed to tingling along my arm (probably a result of the arms-forward position my work requires). Now I do this class whenever I feel the same shoulder tightness starting up again and nip the problem in the bud. What a relief. So many thanks!

Ninaku 2 years ago

I enjoyed this class, but it would be better if I knew in advance that i need several blankets, pillow, blocks and bolsters (and preferably a wall). I kinda interrupted my flow that I needed to get up and find new things all through the session.
But besides that I really enjoyed the postures and found the guidance really good!

bikerchick1963 2 years ago

I did this after work and loved the chest opening poses. As a cyclist and a desk jockey, I really need those kinds of poses.

stephleest 2 years ago

Very calming class before going to bed. The instructor has a good energy and does a good job at giving variations of the poses. However, by reading the description I wasn't prepared to be using this many accessories. I found myself getting up more than once to go get blankets and pillows. You will need at least two pillows and two blankets, but if you have a bolster and a block, those can be helpful too, especially if you like to be cozy. Make sure to move all that stuff out of the way between each pose so it doesn't crowd your space when you move into a different pose.

Yogi4812 2 years ago

Thanks for the email effective poses that promote sleep and calm!
I do this almost every night!

lschrandt 2 years ago

I wanted to like this practice, but I had volume issues where Tianne's voice was fine during between-pose explanations, but then during each pose, I could hardly hear her at all. I found myself getting in and out of poses multiple times trying to find an appropriate volume. Also, I would be surprised if many beginner at-home yoga practitioners actually have two bolsters, two blocks and that many blankets available. More modification suggestions would have been nice, or poses that don't require so much equipment.

Joanna Moore 3 years ago

Wonderfully calming restorative sequence. I just wanted to stay in the postures even longer! Tianne gives lovely meditative suggestions as you relax into each posture