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I'm on my third month of quarantine yoga and it has made a big difference in my life. No commute = daily practice. I'm in my 60's and a beginner. It is really helping with ease and flexibility.


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Emotion processing

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  • Seems good.

  • really good slow and also strenuous and also calming. I like this teacher. She works with grief. Very slow start. But then, lots of plank. The teacher is great with breath so this is meditative

  • Stretchy and almost all on the floor. It does work for calming.

  • A no pressure enjoyable practice. It left me feeling more at ease.

  • Lovely and effective. Largely seated. Begins with a meditation and ends with metta.

  • This really works. It does something, not sure what exactly.

  • This is yoga nidra with some gentle stretches in the beginning. It's very gentle so I can feel my physical and emotional difficulties as part of the practice, without needing to push through. Subtle. Not pushy at all. I think this would be good when I feel 'fragile.'

  • This is the class that comes closest to movement as meditation. It's so clear. Recommended!

  • A relaxation practice like Oceanside Yoga but she specifically opens space for grief (which did come for me) and that makes this special. This teacher suffered a lot of loss and her practice relates to her healing process.

  • Not exactly a bedtime practice but works for that if I am not extremely tired. It it calming for mental chatter. David uses some slightly more vigorous moves in balance with the meditations. There are several meditations and slow spots. A good practice!