Drishti Flow

Shivani Wells
Instructor Shivani Wells
Average: 4.6 (106 votes)
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Shivani leads this fun, all-levels class using the concept of Drishti - mental focus or eye gazing. How and where we choose to focus our attention can have a significant effect on our ability to feel steady, calm and confident. Throughout the class, Shivani brings you back to Drishti to help encourage this steadiness. You will be surprised what you can do when your mind is calm and quiet.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


danake 7 years ago

I was feeling pretty tired and stressed today, and this was exactly what I needed. Not so easy or slow that I wasn't able to sweat, but also not so intense that I felt like I was going to barf. If I had been feeling more energetic and like I wanted a big workout, I might have felt a bit antsy or restless during this one, but as it stands I am so happy I tried it!

Shivani's focus on mindfulness throughout is great, and I feel like I can bring a lot of what she said during the video into my daily life and other yoga routines (I'm not sure what to call them, but routine doesn't quite feel right :P).

Anyway, LOVE this video. Thank you so much, Shivani, for sharing it with us! Will definitely return to it.

yogamattspe 7 years ago

Drawing lines with my gaze helped me to bring deeper focus to my alignment and steady breathing. Shivani's guidance was very easy to follow; I did not need to watch the video, just followed her cues. It is a bit slower flow then I'm used to but I was able to focus so intensely that I built up a nice heat. I fully enjoyed this practice and recommend it.

blissful butterfly 7 years ago

I am beginner in yoga but I felt like being challenged and this video was perfect for that.

msluey 7 years ago

This was physically easier than many of the other intermediate courses I've tried - so would be perfect for those transitioning from beginner to intermediate. A great class for exercising the mind as well as the body. Very calming and a different experience to focus on drishti - a remedy for those who have wandering eyes during class.

MRL 7 years ago

I wasn't that interested in Drishti, but chose this class for its duration, as I had about an hour free. It really was calming to focus on the eye gaze and direction. I was surprised how nice it felt--since I rarely focus on my Drishti. Thanks.

katietemple 7 years ago

The focus on the eye gaze was really helpful. I had heard instructors talk about drishti before but this was the best use of it during a class that I've experienced so far. Thanks!