Drishti Flow

Shivani Wells
Instructor Shivani Wells
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Shivani leads this fun, all-levels class using the concept of Drishti - mental focus or eye gazing. How and where we choose to focus our attention can have a significant effect on our ability to feel steady, calm and confident. Throughout the class, Shivani brings you back to Drishti to help encourage this steadiness. You will be surprised what you can do when your mind is calm and quiet.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Nata Chan 6 years ago

Thank you for this wonderful class Shivani. Drishti really helped me focus! It's a new and wonderful experience.

corinachevalier 6 years ago

This was a wonderful class. Often times my mind wanders, but in this class, utilizing and understanding the calming and centring effect of drishti was extremely helpful for me. Thank you!

Yolochka 6 years ago

I've been practicing yoga (hatha, vinyasa and Bikram) for a few years total now. I've always had trouble remaining present and mindful. I feel like I have had a break through with this introduction to Drishti. Thank you so much Shivani for a wonderful class! It was challenging and energizing yet meditative and flowing. Brava!

Shogun 6 years ago

Absolutely wonderful class! Thank you Shivani!

yogaphx 6 years ago

Really enjoyed Shivani's teaching style - easy to follow and detailed. The class itself was a nice mix of beginner and graduated to intermediate for new challenges with options. I've bookmarked this one as a keeper.

NByogi 6 years ago

I really enjoyed the emphasis on drishti. It was a great way to center my practice, and it was interesting how much visual information I began to notice with this new found attention. In particular, I really enjoyed the richness of Shivani's practice--incorporating the Yoga Sutras added another layer of depth to the practice. Thank you for sharing this practice! Namaste.

Scheezo 6 years ago

As a beginner, this was a little above my skill level. With that said, her directions were so good that it made the routine doable for me. I'll definitely do this one again. Thank you so much.

collmm 7 years ago

Shivani's voice is so soothing and her thoughts, reflections, and insights throughout the practice really help me to deepen and relax. Thanks for such a nice video.