Drishti Flow

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Instructor Shivani Wells
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Shivani leads this fun, all-levels class using the concept of Drishti - mental focus or eye gazing. How and where we choose to focus our attention can have a significant effect on our ability to feel steady, calm and confident. Throughout the class, Shivani brings you back to Drishti to help encourage this steadiness. You will be surprised what you can do when your mind is calm and quiet.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


aujufeja 1 year ago

Thank you for a beautiful practice. I loved the sounds of life in the background; the birds whistling, a dog barking, the small aircraft out enjoying the lovely day and the sound of the sailboats rigging. I felt like I was there with you. namaste.

As a long time beginner,I
dixiemarie 1 year ago

As a long time beginner,I occasionally find an intermediate class that I can follow. This is a wonderful challenge for me. Thanks!

Great class for calming the mind
crepuscule3142 1 year ago

This class is incredible. Not as physically challenging as Fiji's classes, but certainly more demanding mentally. Would recommend this to anyone feeling like crap - this definitely help! Thanks Shivani.

Just what I needed!
Loriluv 1 year ago

This was an awesome class. I practice on my enclosed hot tub deck when the weather permits. I'm a pitta dosha menopausal woman and I keep it low keyed. I decided to step up my practice and chose this one. I must say I was challenged and it felt amazing. Thank you.

dena.rissman 2 years ago

THis class was more potent than I imagined. Was finally able to stay in crow. thank you for helping me focus.

Very nice and relaxing class,
CeciliaLondon 2 years ago

Very nice and relaxing class, I am a beginner going towards intermediate and really enjoyed it. I loved the flow and everything was very well explained. Thank you very much for this great video, will do it again!

Thank you Shivani for this
Aliemarie 3 years ago

Thank you Shivani for this beautiful class. Namaste.

I'm a fan
bridgetcrave 3 years ago

I wasn't sure what I was in for, but this was the right length of class I was looking for. Turns out the Drishti was great for helping me focus and relax while still building some heat. I really enjoyed the class. I agree with some other comments that it is on the easier side of intermediate, but in total it was a great class.

Physically challenging but so cleansing!
willowswhiten 3 years ago

Thank you so much - this is just what the doctor ordered to recover strength and focus after illness. All those folds are amazing for runners' hamstrings! Also extra thanks to the yogini in the purple tights - it's inspiring to see someone with such strength and grace who isn't stick-thin.

Excellent practice.
SerenaAnn 4 years ago

Just wanted to say Thank You. Namaste.