Deep Hip Opening Flow

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Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Back Care
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Class Description: 

This wonderfully thorough hatha yoga flow digs deep into the tension in the hips, legs and back, moving you through a gradual build-up to more challenging poses as the class progresses. Melissa maintains a calm energy, gentle pacing and difficulty level that is accessible to most students, although this would be considered as a more challenging beginner class.


This is just the type of
tyoung526 1 week ago

This is just the type of practice I love. I could actually feel my hips loosening as the practice continued, so that, by the time I got to pigeon pose, I could hold the pose without any tension or pain. This is always a challenge for me as I have arthritis in my knees and hips, and to find a practice like this is awesome. Thank you!!!

Lovely class!
Nol5 3 weeks ago

My legs and hips were so sore from recently beginning cardio workouts after not excersizing for a long time, this class helped to relieve that tension and was deep and thorough without being overwhelming, thank you!

luannmcvey 1 month ago

Melissa, I enjoy slow, gentle practice and this one was perfect for me. I used two blocks, which allowed me to adjust some of the more difficult poses to my own body. I appreciate how DoYogaWithMe films some of your practices outdoors. The summertime Canadian countryside allows me to float from my living room to a warm, calm place where birds call from the trees. Really lovely.

You are a wonderful yoga role model. Thanks again.

Wonderful Class
birdnthesky 1 month ago

Melissa's classes are all wonderful! This one combined her same gentle style with a more challenging practice. I loved every second of it.

Grea for the hips
Smellyfric 1 month ago

Time flew by in this delightful class. Great just before bed. One observation, though, I prefer melissa when you specify right or left, versus leaving it open. I find I have to look at the screen more in this class than I usually do in your classes, to verify if it's the same hand as the foot, or the opposite one. And I forget which foot I have already done.... Otherwise truly delightful

Deep Hip Opening Flow
dmintho 1 month ago

I was going to suggest the same thing - for complete beginners especially, would be helpful to specify right or left.

Hip Opening Love!
Stargirl45 3 months ago

Melissa, what a fantastic class. Slow yet challenging and with plenty of space and silence for getting right into the pose.
Thank you so much!

jillthepill 3 months ago

I have not met a Melissa class I didn't love. She begins slow to warm the body and build up to what's to come, which is delightful. The instruction, intensity and length of holds is perfect for my quite healthy but arthritically challenged body. Love the longer class!
Thank You for another wonderful flow, Melissa.