Deep Hip Opening Flow

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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This wonderfully thorough hatha yoga flow digs deep into the tension in the hips, legs and back, moving you through a gradual build-up to more challenging poses as the class progresses. Melissa maintains a calm energy, gentle pacing and difficulty level that is accessible to most students, although this would be considered as a more challenging beginner class.

Equipment: Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


Thanks Melissa. I love this nice long juicy practice with all the variety. Your pace gives me time to change things up a bit if I want more of a challenge with certain poses.

Sure wish we were in Mexico. It's -24 here today.

oakhazel 3 weeks ago

I revisit this lesson as part of a 7 day challenge. As always, love this lesson and your classes. Thank you.

kaescot 1 month ago

Thanks!Just the right amount of challenge and rest for me. Extended your Shivasana time and got in my mediation for the day. Double bonus!!

Gitti 1 month ago

Great structure of this class. I will surely repeat this many more times. Not just only a hip but also an eye opener. What a gentle way to bring me in finally in a pigeon pose as it should be. Thanks.

PianoWire 3 months ago

Thank you for providing adaptations for those of us who aren't flexible! Would you please suggest one more? From low lunge, I can't straighten my front leg while keeping my hands on the floor near the front foot. Three alternatives come to mind:
1) Walk hands along the mat to the hips as I straighten the front leg (torso upright)
2) Leave the front leg bent (just slightly straighter than lunge) with hands on the floor near the front foot
3) As I straighten the front leg, position two blocks on end (for my hands) behind the front knee

Your advice?

Melissa Krieger 3 months ago

Hi! Those are all great alternatives! I would always say keep the knee/knees bent whenever you need to in any yoga posture (low lunge, forward folds, downward dog) to let the hamstrings release a bit more so you have more space. And blocks are so great! Use them however it's helpful. A combo of 2 and 3 would work really well. 1 might be a tricky if you hands are on the hips as opposed to the mat (or blocks) as its tough to balance and takes away from the stretch. Does that make sense? Let me know if you have more questions!

PianoWire 3 months ago

Thanks Melissa! I've most often used option 1, in which I walk my hands back along the mat as far as I need to straighten the front leg. In this position, I'm sitting on the back heel with front leg straight and hands on the mat. It certainly provides a strong stretch, but it may not be stretching what's intended.

Melissa Krieger 3 months ago

That works really well too! That is the stretch we are going for. You've got it!

aleksandra a. 5 months ago

Thank you Melissa, I really enjoyed the pace and the sequence. I felt calm as I was able to really focus on my breath and notice what my body is doing. You do just the right amount of talking. Great class.