Deep Hip Opening Flow

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
Average: 4.9 (133 votes)
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This wonderfully thorough hatha yoga flow digs deep into the tension in the hips, legs and back, moving you through a gradual build-up to more challenging poses as the class progresses. Melissa maintains a calm energy, gentle pacing and difficulty level that is accessible to most students, although this would be considered as a more challenging beginner class.

Equipment: Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


aleksandra a. 2 weeks ago

Thank you Melissa, I really enjoyed the pace and the sequence. I felt calm as I was able to really focus on my breath and notice what my body is doing. You do just the right amount of talking. Great class.

ShesARainbow 2 months ago

I am never disappointed with a class led by Melissa. This was a nice challenge for this beginner, but I was able to achieve it! I really appreciate your cueing, especially for more challenging poses that some bodies need to modify.

terilhh 4 months ago

Nicely done. Very nice queuing and just the right amount of talking :D Nice hip opening sequence.

dove411 5 months ago

Thank You Melissa for this amazing class and sequencing! I loved it and was really able to follow along and enjoy the class due to the pace and your great guidance! It is now a “Favorite “ for sure! Namaste

MountainSpirit 11 months ago

Great practice for calming, stretching, relieving tension and back pain. Nice slow pace, beautiful cueing with attention to breath. Thank you!

oakhazel 1 year ago

as always Melissa I love your lessons. You have such a gentle quality that makes your classes special. Great class.

twilightbat 1 year ago

If you are not a beginner, chances are this won't feel challenging at all. What it *will* feel, however, is all sorts of fantastic. It's friendly, it's adaptable, it will take you a galaxy away from self-judgment, it has a pace that enables you to work with your inner sensations. Perfect for those days when you really need to slow down and steal time for yourself. Thanks !