Deep Hip Opening Flow

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
Average: 4.9 (118 votes)
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This wonderfully thorough hatha yoga flow digs deep into the tension in the hips, legs and back, moving you through a gradual build-up to more challenging poses as the class progresses. Melissa maintains a calm energy, gentle pacing and difficulty level that is accessible to most students, although this would be considered as a more challenging beginner class.

Equipment: Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


MountainSpirit 1 month ago

Great practice for calming, stretching, relieving tension and back pain. Nice slow pace, beautiful cueing with attention to breath. Thank you!

oakhazel 7 months ago

as always Melissa I love your lessons. You have such a gentle quality that makes your classes special. Great class.

twilightbat 8 months ago

If you are not a beginner, chances are this won't feel challenging at all. What it *will* feel, however, is all sorts of fantastic. It's friendly, it's adaptable, it will take you a galaxy away from self-judgment, it has a pace that enables you to work with your inner sensations. Perfect for those days when you really need to slow down and steal time for yourself. Thanks !

Himalaya V 11 months ago

Absolutely divine! The pace, the instructions, and all that extra space and suppleness that I am feeling now in my hips. Many thanks Melissa!

NatalieNZ 1 year ago

Dear Melissa,
Like the previous comment I echo the “love your classes” to the power of 10!
Thanks to your gentle, kind and authentic pace yours is exactly what I need(ed) in learning about this relatively “new world of yoga”. Incidentally, your “fear-free” approach (“this will come with time”) to teaching has even inspired me in my own work as a college lecturer in foreign languages.
And one more thing, I now feel comfortable and ready to “click” intermediate!
Thanks for being here!

Kim Lewin-Reilly 1 year ago

Melissa, I love, love, love your classes and this one is no exception. Simply wonderful thank you X
Ps: I'm 10 weeks pregnant and wondering if you teach any pregnancy classes online?

Melissa Krieger 1 year ago

Hi Kim!

Thanks so much :)

No, I don't teach any prenatal yoga at all. If you want to keep working with my classes I would suggest the avoiding deep twisting poses and if any poses start to feel "wrong" skip them. And definitely check out some of the great prenatal classes on this site. You may also check out my class Yoga For Inner Strength which will teach about your pelvic floor and how to engage it. Although I don't do any prenatal I know a lot about pelvic floor and you definitely want to learn more about that now.

All the best! xo