Crazy Eights

Josh Chen
Instructor Josh Chen
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This vinyasa flow class with Josh focuses on hip strengthening and core strength. Prepare to move through a playful and strong power sequence that builds to astavakrasana (also known as eight angle pose), a challenging arm balance. Note: You will need two blocks for this practice.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Ok_kortney 2 months ago

Such a nicely paced class! Josh gives rests at the exact right times. I really like his affirmations and his voice is super soothing.

duroc017 3 months ago

I agree with all the previous comments. This is a wonderful practice and Josh is a fantastic teacher. Can't wait to do more of his classes.

Unavm 3 months ago

What a fun well thought out class. I had so much fun trying to do the peak pose at the end and actually managed to do it until I fell on my face...haha! Had me laughing out loud, thank you Josh!

PeacefulRN 3 months ago

The peak pose was beyond the limits of my tight hips but I enjoyed the deep opening for the hamstrings and the core work leading up to it. Josh's calm and encouraging delivery make the challenging poses feel accessible. Thank you!

SaraVi 3 months ago

I know that yoga is not about the pose,however I was so surprised and happy of being able to go all the way through the eight steps!

ShuNeu 3 months ago

Fun class, I like how Josh built the sequences to lead us to the Piece de Resistance.
More from Josh would be great!

omurs 3 months ago

first time I tried a class with Josh, so gentle, so kind, so motivating and so challenging.. what else could I ask for :)
Looking forward to trying out other classes with him.

Thanks a lot Josh!


LucyHB 3 months ago

Awesome class, thank you so much Josh! I love the way this is accessible on many levels, and his voice is so calming that he almost gets the tricky poses in by stealth :-) I managed to do the peak pose on both sides for the first time, whoo! (previously been better on my right side than left for some reason...) . Still can't do flying pigeon though so will have to keep coming back to this class to practice it!

Nin 3 months ago

Superb class, so creative and beautifully balanced, perfect pace. Bookmarked! My husband (beginner) and I (intermediate) both love Josh's teaching. Great addition to the team.

Hanasana 3 months ago

Dear Josh - when you joined the DYWM team, I didn't think we'd be spending time together because I assumed you'd mostly do hatha yoga - goes to show I shouldn't assume. I'm happy I was wrong, and you're versatile! I so enjoyed this class and your teaching. ^_^ I look forward to being your student. Thank you very much!