Chakra Two Flow

Chakra Two Flow

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This tough, power yoga flow is full of wonderfully satisfying hip openers, lower back releases and poses that demand a lot of core strength and overall flexibility. Within the vigorous flow, Fiji encourages you to connect to the energy of the second chakra (svadhishthana), which is located around the sacrum. The element associated with the sacral chakra is water and the color is orange.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Beautiful practice
Ildi 3 weeks ago

Grateful for this beautiful practice, thank you Fiji!

Mmm hips!
LloydE 1 month ago

I love this, today was the second day in a row for me. I suffer from tight hips generally and feel great after this class!

My hips got a tune up
nadomom 1 month ago

Aaahhhh.....this class moved every joint in my body in a stretchy way. Love the pace, slow but strong. Thank you.

Fhirinn 1 month ago

This was so good that it's almost ridiculous! ;) Wonderful flow and for me exactly the right amount of challenge. I definitely feel like everything in me is flowing more after doing this class. Thank you Fiji!

This could be a very
leolorenz 2 months ago

This could be a very beautiful lesson but there is too much speech during the hold positions.. They make me nervous!

Wonderful hip release
kadman10 3 months ago

I have been suffering from that pinching sensation you mentioned during class in my right sacroiliac joint for 2 and a half years. After this challenging class, my hips felt so amazing. Deep gratitude.

oakhazel 3 months ago

I love your classes but sadly, they are often too much for me but I am adapting as needed and not doing some of the more challenging poses. A really wonderful series, thank you. I hope for the future you will consider doing some classes for the level between beginner and intermediate. You are a wonderful teacher and your instructions are just right. I look forward to day 3 tomorrow.

So glad I moved on ...
Jenny3 4 months ago

I was so wow'd by the Chakra 1 class, I almost did that a second day in a row but decided to take a peak at this one. I'm so glad I moved on to this one and will stick to the program because I trust the plan you put together. Feeling great and can't wait for tomorrow. Thank you!

Wonderful class, but should be Intermediate
FairfaxYoga 5 months ago

This is my second time doing the Chakra series, and I absolutely love it. Totally agree with another commenter that it's best if you can manage to do in seven consecutive days for maximum impact. However, I feel that this particular class should be "Intermediate." In my opinion, the pace is too slow for Advanced and is really more of an All-Levels class. Plus, by labeling the class as "Advanced", it might intimidate folks who are really in need of some Second Chakra healing. Thanks for all that you guys do!!

Agree! Don't be frightened away by the "advanced" label.
jbondor 1 month ago

I had done the whole series except for this video, which I avoided since I am a solid intermediate student (on good days!). Finally, I tried it out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. Except for one pose (for which Fiji gives options), it is like one of her mid-level intermediate classes. I actually think the chakra 3 flow is more demanding. So, don't be scared off by the advanced label and miss out. Very relaxing and good hip opening. Thanks, Fiji!