Chakra Two Flow

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This tough, power yoga flow is full of wonderfully satisfying hip openers, lower back releases and poses that demand a lot of core strength and overall flexibility. Within the vigorous flow, Fiji encourages you to connect to the energy of the second chakra (svadhishthana), which is located around the sacrum. The element associated with the sacral chakra is water and the color is orange.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Katger Lolue 4 months ago

Thank you! My first advanced class so I couldn't get into all of the poses but Fiji's commentary made that seem more than ok

YoNiki 4 months ago

Thank you for this class, I really loved doing it. And I feel so strong now!

dentsadventure 7 months ago

This was a wonderful flow - a bit challenging for me, but I stuck with it! I know not everyone likes so much talking during the asanas, but I appreciate the distraction. It gives me something to focus on other than my wobbly balance or shaking quads. Thank you for a lovely practice.

Nikinakino 8 months ago

Like Handstoheart comment below, this was also my first advanced class. I found the class really pleasant and I think there was only one pose I didn't go into. Thank you Fiji, I rate every class of yours I have done

handstoheart 8 months ago

This is my first attempt at an advanced class. I want to do the chakra series so I decided to give it a try, knowing that Fiji would hold the space gently even if it was physically challenging. Just a brilliant experience. I enjoy Fiji's commentary too, I find it useful and inspiring. If you are little be scared of the 'advanced' label, just try, and see where you need to be today. Namaste, and deep gratitude to you all, DYWM.

VagabondQueen 8 months ago

This is a great class, and I look forward to doing the whole series. As another commenter wrote, I really wish there was less talk. I actually tune out the filler talk as I'm holding a pose.

Ildi 9 months ago

Grateful for this beautiful practice, thank you Fiji!

LloydE 10 months ago

I love this, today was the second day in a row for me. I suffer from tight hips generally and feel great after this class!

nadonado 10 months ago

Aaahhhh.....this class moved every joint in my body in a stretchy way. Love the pace, slow but strong. Thank you.

Fhirinn 10 months ago

This was so good that it's almost ridiculous! ;) Wonderful flow and for me exactly the right amount of challenge. I definitely feel like everything in me is flowing more after doing this class. Thank you Fiji!