Chakra One Flow

Chakra One Flow

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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In this power yoga class, Fiji helps you connect with the energy of the root chakra (muladhara), while moving you through a flow that invigorates and ignites it. It's a fun, challenging class that helps strengthen and release any tension around the pelvis, making it a great class if you are looking to strengthen the core and loosen up the legs, hips and back.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


On repeat
Rbreid73 1 week ago

This continues to be my 'go to' class of Fijis. sometimes i feel a calling to the Chakra series, this class in particular. It always feels very special to focus on the root chakra, and the release / unlocking of emotion that comes with this practice and how that feels within me.

Thank you Fiji for this class and always.

Didn't know I needed what you gave
TikiMan098 1 month ago

At the start of the practice, I thought my Chakra was fine; and then I did the practice and at the end - oh my goodness what a difference. I meditated without intending to (which has never happened to me before). You're an amazing teacher, and this is an amazing class. Best wishes - Adam.

Loved it - will do again!
polly6279 2 months ago

Loved it - will do again! Thank you

Deep stretches
oakhazel 2 months ago

Thank you. I love the feel of your classes but felt they were too strong for me. I was drawn to this today and although it was challenging I made it. I really like the instructions, thank you.

truly body changing
kadman10 2 months ago

Just finished this powerful and stabilizing class. As a daily meditator, I couldn't believe how connected to the earth energy and open hipped I felt after this. Loved your guidance with the trauma healing focus. Amazing!

jayrob 2 months ago

for some reson ive not felt really connected to Fijis classes until tonight, when I feel like I finally "got" her appraoch- so thank you Fiji, feeling very strong and steady after this practise.

Jenny3 3 months ago

Lots of strength and deeeeeeep stretches - fantastic!

Steady and Strong
nadomom 3 months ago

Another exhilarating class. Thank you.