Bow Pose: Open the Shoulders

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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This is Rachel's third class in a 4-part series that leads you to bow pose (dhanurasana). Building on what you learned in Bow Pose: Core Strength and Bow Pose: Hip Flexor Release, this class focuses on releasing the shoulder joints, upper back and spine so you can find it easier to reach back to hold your feet, and move into the pose with stability and ease. This class progresses toward the peak pose of locust pose (salabhasana) and will prepare you for the final class in this series: Bow Pose: Ready for the Peak!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


welldongirl 1 day ago

This class is fantastic. I come back to it every once in a while and remember how much I enjoy it. I feel open and proud and ready for my day. Thank you Rachel for your straight forward, precise and caring teaching style.

haysnk1 7 months ago

I always enjoy Rachel's classes. They are more than a yoga class . . . she interweaves instructions and tips that are clear and helpful to any practitioner. I feel better aligned and stronger because of her teaching style.

Rachel Scott 7 months ago

I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed the class! Made my day :)

lydia13520 1 year ago

You're a beautiful instructor. Thank you for a very opening class.

deborahcb 1 year ago

One of the things I love about your teaching is how you introduce new concepts into routine poses. In this case, I learned how to open my shoulders more during lunging poses and warrior 2. I carry these ideas through to my other classes, enriching my yoga practice. You explain moves in a precise way that make your classes easy to follow. I am continuing with my day feeling more open, strong and stretched. Thank you!

Rachel Scott 1 year ago

Hi Deborah! Yay! That's great to hear!! And you are so welcome.
I'm such a geek about the asana and I love sharing these bits and pieces... I'm happy to hear that it's helping to support your practice, too :)

khuyentran1401 1 year ago

I and my roommate practice this video together and we both love it. Love the feeling of the body being opened. Thank you for. being specific about each movement. Hope to see more of your class

Rachel Scott 1 year ago

Wonderful!!! That's awesome to hear, I'm so glad that you liked it ;)

Thank you so much!! This is a great class! I feel amazing afterwards! Exactly what I needed after working a lot on the computer!!! Thank you! You are a great teacher!