Bow Pose: Open the Shoulders

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Rachel Scott
Hatha Yoga
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This is Rachel's third class in a 4-part series that leads you to bow pose (dhanurasana). This class focuses on releasing the shoulder joints, upper back and spine so you can find it easier to reach back to hold your feet, and move into the pose with stability and ease. This class progresses toward the peak pose of locust pose (salabhasana).


Excellent timing and instruction
SMarie 3 weeks ago

I feel taller and lighter after this beautiful practice. Thank you, Rachel! Namaste.

aujufeja 3 months ago

my shoulders thank you so much for a wonderfully sequenced class. i reach forward for hours 5 days a week as an LMT. (also THANK YOU for not talking during savasana, lol!)

Shoulders and neck thank you
nadomom 4 months ago

This class really opened up my shoulders. Lately I've had hand and elbow pain due to a pinched nerve in my neck. After physical therapy, yoga has sustained my pain-free state. This class feels good. Thank you.

This class was like an elixir
lucilouko 4 months ago

This class was like an elixir of life for my always tight shoulders. Absolutely super.

Just what I need.
Floresta 4 months ago

Really wonderful sequence. I struggle with tight shoulders and just did the class and the release it great. I will be revisiting this class often. Thank you Rachel!

Great yoga class when you don't want to do yoga!
crepuscule3142 4 months ago

Nice chilled out class that stretches out sore muscles and doesn't tax your joints too much.

Rachel, you are a fantastic
rkellersteinnd 4 months ago

Rachel, you are a fantastic yoga instructor. I've been doing yoga for years, but in the past few years I've been dealing with stage 4 cancer. As a result of what's happening to my body, and also because of treatments, I've had to slow things way down. Your yoga classes have helped me recover some of my former strength and flexibility, and has provided me with enough of a challenge to regain health after each treatment. Thank you so much. You don't know how much you've helped me in my journey.

Shira Salingre 5 months ago

Thank you Rachel, your guidance is great. I especially enjoyed this one. I am working on my laptop most day so in this exercise I really got to know some muscles in my body I wasn't aware of. It's a great feeling, and doing this first thing in the morning have set me right for the day. Namaste

Rachel, a beautiful class.
Katelynw35 5 months ago

Rachel, a beautiful class. Your instruction is so good. It's amazing how all u guys manage it :) I really found my breath today in class, first time ever. Thank you so much