Bow Pose: Open the Shoulders

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Hatha Yoga
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Class Description: 

This is Rachel's third class in a 4-part series that leads you to bow pose (dhanurasana). This class focuses on releasing the shoulder joints, upper back and spine so you can find it easier to reach back to hold your feet, and move into the pose with stability and ease. This class progresses toward the peak pose of locust pose (salabhasana).


Loving this one
Ktrirogoff 1 week ago

Currently one of my fave videos as it has so much in it

Thank you!
Lealy 2 weeks ago

This was wonderful. I could really saw today that I could go deeper into the poses. I really like your style.

Lovely Practice
kimmers722 3 weeks ago

Who wouldn't love drunken cobra? Thanks for the beautiful class; I truly enjoyed this.

Great release for shoulders
Verab 3 weeks ago

I always carry tension in my shoulders, no more. Excellent class, clear and concise instruction. Thank you Rachel.

how do we access the first
Deirdre 3 weeks ago

how do we access the first three classes in this series? Thank you.

Re: Peak Pose Bow Classes
David Procyshyn 3 weeks ago

This is the third class, so there are two before this one and one after. They are all currently up, so you can see them all on the yoga classes page. We will be building the Peak Pose Challenge soon, so you will see it there shortly, with all of the classes in their proper order.

Perfect way to start a day at the desk!
Archana 4 weeks ago

Thanks Rachel as always! I might come back at the end of a long day at desk for these awesome chest openers. Namaste.