Bow Pose: Hip Flexor Release

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Hatha Yoga
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This class is part two in a 4-part series taking you to bow pose (dhanurasana). In this hatha yoga class, Rachel alternates between a brisk flow and a series of deep, long holds, warming the body up so you can release the hip flexors and the front of the pelvis, ultimately making it easier for your pelvis to tilt back and your body to move into a backbend. This class also has a peak pose, dancers (natarajasana).



LOVED this class with Rachel - just perfect Yoga Therapy for my hip flexors and spinal flexibility. Such nice clear instructions and pace. I love when poses are clearly, organically built up. Definitely a new favourite and bookmarked.
Perfect day to tune into outdoor Yoga in the bright summery Savannah of Victoria, while the rain storms of Fall are setting in - so great to be able to tune into hOMe / anywhere DYWM. Already recommended to many friends. Keep bringing on the fine classes!
P.S. what was that UFO in the sky behind Rachel round 18 min? :-)

Great for Tight Hamstrings!
Sea2Sea 2 days ago

100% agree with PeacefulRN! The class modifications helped me get the most out of the poses. The time length was good - not too long, or too short. Rachel communicates clearly and concisely. Love her classes and look forward to more!
Thank you!!!

Hip Flexor Heaven!
PeacefulRN 1 week ago

Wonderful practice for those of us with tight hip flexors. Rachel offers precise cues, fluff-free instructions, and gives modifications throughout the class so there is something for everyone. Wonder if I'll ever be able to effortlessly "tuck my knee under my shoulder" from lizard pose?!? Who knows, but the modified stretch felt great. Perfect length of class for me, too. Love saddle and dancer's poses - thank you, Rachel!