Bodacious Bootie

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Class Description: 

Looking to strengthen your gluts? This quick, yoga/pilates fusion class works and stretches your butt muscles, while creating a unique, full body workout. Kim gleefully guides you, always with a smile, to help you with your own 'Bodacious Bootie'! This short video is included in the Class Pack, Level 3 Yoga/Pilates Fusion.


Catfish 15 hours ago

This class is so much fun. All of Kim's classes are fun. She really does make it hard not to smile (which is the opposite of a bad thing). But to move away from just stating what everyone already has... In case anyone is interested, this has turned out to be a really great, quick class to warm up with before a run. Gets the major performance muscles warmed up, and Kim just kind of makes you feel pumped and ready to go out and smile at the world.
So I'd like to cast yet another vote for more classes with Kim, too, please. If it's possible. :)

FeliciaBerkhout 3 months ago

Why is this video in the pilates section?? there is no pilates exercise in this video at all, very disappointing.
Please inform me where i can find true pilates video on your site? thank you

Pilates-Yoga Fusion
David Procyshyn 3 months ago

This is a pilates/yoga fusion class. It doesn't have any of the fundamental pilates exercises but does incorporate pilates moves throughout. To find classes that are only pilates, choose 'Pilates' under Yoga Style on our Yoga Classes page.

More Kim Wilson, please!
sheche 1 year ago

I keep coming back to Kim's videos time and time again. Nothing makes me feel quite like I do after one of her videos. I feel so relaxed but invigorated, completely focused and strong. Kim invites you to settle into your body and then to give it your all, it's hard to describe but it's downright awesome. I urge you guys to post some more Kim Wilson workouts.

She brings the burn!
kabarrett89 1 year ago

I love that her full length class is available in segments. She knows how to bring the burn and these shorter classes make it easier to hang with her. Loved it and very helpful to have shorter classes that offer a good workout.

My practice has been very hit
LeighH 1 year ago

My practice has been very hit and miss over the last 6 months so I found this class pretty challenging, but I absolutely loved it! Can't wait to see my progress over time because this little guy is going to get some replays! :-)

My arms after this video
Fabibjqz 1 year ago

My arms after this video where dead ! Amazing my butt hurts as well, i loved it.

Great class! Challenging and
marthamay 1 year ago

Great class! Challenging and the perfect length for a quick but effective session

Made me laugh!
jodykt 2 years ago

Nice sequence and I really liked Kim's lightness and sense of humor! Thanks!

mollyjean99 2 years ago

This class was perfect - great descriptions, perfect length, and great ratio of stretching to strengthening. I loved it!