Bedtime Yin Yoga

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Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga
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Class Description: 
Slow down, let your mind settle and your body relax as Sarah-Jane takes you through a gentle yin class that's designed to prepare you for a good night's sleep. The music, her sweet, gentle approach and the long holds will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and sleep more deeply. Music provided by Yogitunes. To listen to or purchase the playlist, go here.


What a wonderful, soft yet
Linda Lou 3 weeks ago

What a wonderful, soft yet deep class. Exactly what I needed! Namaste to you.

thank you for this practice -
variety spice 1 month ago

thank you for this practice - I have been having really painful periods today, and this practice really helped to unwind and relax. thank you!

quieted my mind

Just what I needed as I was doing my taxes today my anxiety level was up. Numbers were racing in my mind. This was the perfect class to mellow me out. I felt like I melted in to a pool of softness by the end. Thank you!

A very soothing practice.
margotkeyes 2 months ago

A very soothing practice. TAKE THE TIME to do this before bed, so helpful for complete rest. :)

Loved it!
Sharmayne 2 months ago

Feeling so relaxed and happy after this class!

Great end of the day class
Turtle70 2 months ago

Great end of the day class and music, thanks!

Wonderful Class
kmccanrn 2 months ago

I couldn't believe the class was over, it went by so fast. I yearned for more. I felt great peace and relaxation.
Thank you.

Time flew with this practice
Kat Colorado 2 months ago

Time flew with this practice and I was really able to calm down. Thank you!

Such peace
Jacqueline01 2 months ago

This is a magnificent practice. Utterly relaxing on a very deep level. Sarah has a peaceful voice and such a profound and kind approach that I was enveloped in loving relaxation.
Thank you so much Sarah!