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Public Basic 21 Items
  • incredible hip openers and twists
    *do not roll onto outsides of both feet: made knee uncomfortable
    great class to stretch out hips, hamstrings, lower back

  • strap required

    hip openers

    releasing tension to allow for positive energy to fill up our cuo. savasana in supine with feet together, BLE hip ER. SO GOOOOD. great after so many long car rides

  • great, quick meditation with deep breathing and om

  • incredible flow
    not too sweaty
    3 full wheel - last with unilateral hip flex

  • do this class if having a hard, slow morning!!!!!!

  • advanced but totally doable class
    nice flow with warrior 1, 2, and 3
    side angle with bind then eventually bird of paradise
    SUPER fun shift from crow > headstand > chatturanga
    full wheel with unilateral BOS/leg extension
    wonderful restoring savansana with BLE hip ER

  • bird of paradise, headstand. slow, challenging, renewing class

  • v easy flow - shoulder and hip openers
    full wheel at the end

  • energizing, quick
    tai chi swinging arms at beginning
    twists, warriors, some boat
    wrist, hip, and feet openers
    ape pose (hands under feet)
    so refreshing!

    short savasana
    alive, present, and truly blessed

  • v quick, energizing
    unilateral LE combos
    nice savasana at the end

  • V advanced poses, not so much flow. headstand at the end

  • advanced but so doable
    strong, challenging transitions - gives me something to work on!
    crow > headstand
    balance practices with hand stand
    full wheel with unilateral BLE hip extension
    savasana at the end
    a challenge, but grounding and strengthening

  • quick energizing flow
    some balance poses, warrior1, and lots of chatturanga
    savasana at the end
    well worth taking the 24 mins for this.

  • very sloooooow class
    but definitely grounding and meditative
    great way to clear the mind
    *practicing patience*