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Instructor Kim Wilson
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Get ready for a total workout for your arms, shoulders and core! Kim's fun, playful approach makes it easier to accept that for the next 25 minutes, you will be working your butt off! Have fun with this one. This short video is included in the Class Pack, Level 3 Yoga/Pilates Fusion.

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


Tough all round... arms and core
Mhare 7 months ago

I would really love to see more of Kim. She is a great teacher.

Holy Moly this was so good.
Kimby 2 years ago

Holy Moly this was so good.

Pretty Awesome!
Becky in George... 2 years ago

I enjoy Kims spirit, her joy. I found myself laughing and smiling. Hope to see more of Kim's classes. Thank you

Love it!
[email protected] 2 years ago

I love, love, love this practice! Kim, you are definitely one of my favorites. Your joy shines through and is infectious. More, please!

So quick but so POWERFUL!
GKMiles7 3 years ago

What a great class and what a great way to work so much in such a short time!!

Want to see more from Kim
Mellyfsmith 3 years ago

I absolutely adore Kim's classes! I would love to see more videos from her!!!

Oh my Glory love love this
chopper 3 years ago

Oh my Glory love love this class Kim . I know it's an armalishous class but you cover so much more in a short amount of time . Your are so Joyful and this was a great class to start my work day. I combined this with your abs class and since my abs disappeared after my third child I also liked that class but found it tough for me which I want by the way.
I wish you were on page 1 or 2 .
Peace and love

I had a sore lower back just
marthamay 3 years ago

I had a sore lower back just before starting this class and 18 mins later and my back is fine! Amazing! It's not even specifically for the back but it worked somehow for me :) My arms also feel much stronger :)

Zion 4 years ago

Very effective workout to let loose after a long day! I feel like all the tensed up energy is powered out of me leaving me feel refreshed and ready to relax! Thank you!