14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Two

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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In day two, Fiji takes time with each yoga pose to ensure that you are doing them properly, as you progress through the fourteen days. Slowing down the vinyasa flow, spending more time in poses like plank, chaturanga, trikonasana and bridge pose allows her to cue the muscles that should be active, creating a more solid pose and preventing injury. Click here to go to Day Three.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


katierz 4 years ago

Fiji, I just love your classes! I'm old school in that I like the cues for alignment no matter what level. It seems I always find something new to pay attention to.

lisaattridge 4 years ago

I am really enjoying Fijis classes and so glad I made time for this today. I am having trouble with boat pose as since I started with the 30 day yoga challenge, my coccyx has become very sore. Any ideas or advice for this would be appreciated. Many thanks x

erpara 4 years ago

I did this to myself during a sit-up challenge - basically you need to allow it to heal by not putting all your weight on it. Then when you feel better and are ready to start doing the boat pose again, you need to make sure you have more than adequate padding. I use two yoga mats together now, and that gives me that extra padding I need. Good luck!

juliew16 4 years ago

I also can't do boat pose without pain/irritation on coccyx. Ever since the birth of my third child, who was posterior facing, my coccyx protrudes much more and as the skin over it is quite thin, I find boat pose almost impossible. Though I would love to do it I end up doing other core exercises to fill the time when it moves to boat pose :(

margotkeyes 4 years ago

"THIS THIS THIS!!! If you have ever done yoga, have ever wanted to try yoga or "think" you are doing your poses correctly, this explanatory practice, at an intermediate, but fine for most athletic beginners level, is fantastic! you hear Fiji's calm explanations to ensure you are creating a strong foundation for all your vinyasas, practices, poses. ENJOY A WONDERFUL CLASS and only 30 minutes too!"-- that is what I posted to FB and I wish everyone would take time for this practice to make sure they are doing the other practices correctly. It should be added as a separate class listing as something like "Strong Foundations" or "Essential Poses for Strength". Thanks!

Hwilks 4 years ago

Great to do the basics again. Very good, clear instructions. Plenty of time to adjust each pose. Love it. Thanks

Becky in TX 4 years ago

No matter how long I've been doing yoga, and no matter how much I think I know, it's great to restart. This really helps to shake off bad habits and examine why we do what we do. I feel grateful.