14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Three

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Day three of your 14-day yoga challenge is a shorter class, so Fiji moves more quickly into a power vinyasa flow, with lots of transitions into chair, a few challenging foot balances and core strength workout near the end, to take you into a well-deserved savasana. Click here to go to Day Four.

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


T L Cooper 5 months ago

I found this routine energizing. It's short and really focuses on form, which adds a challenge! Fiji's attitude is always so inspiring and encouraging while being so serene.

Made it to my mat Day 3!
Lisa Paige 12 months ago

You are motivating me and I am definitely feeling where I am in these poses. I added an attempt to crow, which has long been a goal of mine, to focus on upper body strength and stability. Can't wait until tomorrow! Feeling better every day!

Namaste, Lisa in Massachusetts

I love the rhythm of the
virginiajensen 1 year ago

I love the rhythm of the moves, the stretches, balancing, and core strengthening. I feel committed to the 14 day even with my additional regular classes. thank You Fiji

Well, the bridge didn't
Turtle70 2 years ago

Well, the bridge didn't happen today, but great class!:)

My bending is deeper, my
margotkeyes 2 years ago

My bending is deeper, my stretches are further, my peace is wider! Loving this challenge!

I loved Day 3!
Karrie 2 years ago

Great practice Fiji. I can already feel myself being able to open up more and bend deeper. Thank you! See you tomorrow for Day 4.

Moves through the poses
Anniepooh63 2 years ago

Moves through the poses quickly, but once you know what to expect it becomes easier to breath, transition, and hold poses as needed. Great place to notice where you are and see where you grow. Thank you Fiji! Started the challenge and am loving it so far.