14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Seven

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Fiji moves back to a vigorous flow-style vinyasa class that moves you through a series of poses to release the it band, quadriceps, lower back and hamstrings. You'll feel invigorated and loose after this wonderful power yoga class! Click here to go to Day Eight.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


margotkeyes 3 years ago

So exciting to see that I can do active pigeon poses now, even reaching my hand to foot! So thrilled!

Karrie 3 years ago

Great practice Fiji! I felt strong and firmly planted during this practice. My balance is improving. Thank you! See you tomorrow for Day Eight!

JudithAnne 3 years ago

Hey, I'm an intermediate now :) Couldn't believe it when I reached my hand back in pigeon, and my foot was right there! AND I came to the top of my head for an almost-wheel!!! Never thought that would happen again in this lifetime. I'm feeling great!

margotkeyes 3 years ago

I felt the same way today too! I have never done it before and now I can! Almost effortlessly! Hooray!

eruvande 4 years ago

There are still some things I can't do - like certain boat variations and wheel - but I was able to do the back-heel grab in pigeon pose for the first time today (and feel safe doing so)! On both sides, no less.

This practice left me feeling stretched and strong.

sk3tt1 4 years ago

Another brilliant class thank you. I love the structure and the reminder that 7 days have already been achieved! :) I'm also loving the opportunity to keep checking in and seeing progress being made. Great pace and great class!

lolly 4 years ago

Hello Fiji, This was a really great class. I found myself fully engaged throughout the entire class...The perfect pacing made it feel very lovely, and graceful. Thank you so much, ...Lolly Miller

MichellePrice 4 years ago

Thanks for creating this 14 day series. I am feeling tension melt away while strength & flexibility are increasing. The flow of the classes individually & as a series are so nicely balanced.

maclarenc11 4 years ago

I was afraid today's class would be a little tough after having lifted weights in the morning, but I was pleasantly surprised at how open I felt during the practice. There were lots of wonderful twists that really loosened up my spine. The mermaid pose is still challenging for me, as I find it hard to keep my hips square--my weight wants to drop to the side of my front hip. I will keep coming back to it! Thanks for a great week of yoga, Fiji. I'm looking forward to the second week!