14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Fourteen

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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On day fourteen, Fiji brings the challenge to a peak, taking you through a tough power yoga flow that is full of wonderfully satisfying yoga poses, like deep back bends and forward folds, arm and foot balances, shoulder openers and core work. It's the perfect way to finish 14 days straight of you with Fiji!

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


Fiji's 14-Day Yoga Challenge
swing 1 week ago

This was an excellent intermediate challenge and I really appreciate Fiji's talent and passion in instruction! The classes were enjoyable - even some of the more challenging poses that I was more than a few millimeters away from accomplishing! One of the aspects that worked best for me was keeping the classes under an hour; I find it difficult to complete anything longer in my time slot for yoga right when I get out of bed in the morning. Thank you, Fiji and DYWM, for a great challenge!

loved these 14 days
kyasarin 2 months ago

This challenge was a great one to follow on the 2019 Intermediate New Year's Challenge. I am grateful for every day doing it.

Thank you, Fiji & Team
Manjusri 3 months ago

I am so grateful for these fourteen days <3

Millimeter by millimeter
haysnk1 4 months ago

Love this saying. Keeps me grounded in where I am right now and where I can be with time.

A great class to complete the 14 day challenge!!
tinksweeney 6 months ago

This class was challenging and fun. I was excited to try the arm balance and I was able to lift my ankle on top of my foot!! I wasn’t quite getting my legs to shoot out, but it felt so good to work on something new and go with where I was and not beat myself for not getting it and just enjoying the experience. The flow and the creativity of the poses were all super and my body feels open and cleansed. I just loved this whole series and could feel my body getting stronger, I was pushed to try more challenging poses, and released tight areas. Fiji is such wonderful teacher. Her instructions for all poses through out the series are so helpful. Thank you Fiji for putting this all together for all of us and sharing your gifts. Thank you to Do Yoga With Me for making this possible. Namaste <3. :-)

sunay balaban 8 months ago

One of the greatest lessons again and perfect final of the 14 Day Challange... Thanks Fiji!

margotkeyes 9 months ago

I've done this challenge a couple times already, but this last time I was joined by my husband of 25 years! He is fairly new to yoga but an excellent athlete (decathlete actually). He coaches track and I teach Zumba, so we certainly both need our mat time, and can put some of these poses into our practices and routines to see how well they benefit all! Thank you FIJI and we have vowed to one day attend one of your retreats in PERSON!

Thank you
sophakig 1 year ago

This 14 day journey is amazing! Just finished and excited to start it again from day 1.

margotkeyes 1 year ago

Just finished this 14-day practice again and loved it. Even if I had to skip a day due to illness, I completed it. Though some poses still as yet escape me, others are more natural and comfortable than ever. I am happy! Thank you FIJI!!!

Thank You!
mmtaylor 1 year ago

Enjoyed each and every one of your classes, Fiji! They all were a challenge for me. I think I will repeat these classes again to see how far I have come. Thank you! You are such an awesome Teacher!