14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Fourteen

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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On day fourteen, Fiji brings the challenge to a peak, taking you through a tough power yoga flow that is full of wonderfully satisfying yoga poses, like deep back bends and forward folds, arm and foot balances, shoulder openers and core work. It's the perfect way to finish 14 days straight of you with Fiji!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Itsmaha 4 months ago

I really enjoyed the progression of this challenge and practicing with the same teacher every day. I felt stronger, more flexible and better balanced with each class, wheel pose will have to be a work in progress. Thank you Fiji for putting it all together!

duroc017 4 months ago

Today was a difficult day for me, but I did this practice as I'm ending the day and it was perfect. I feel so much better now. Namaste Fiji!

Running Prophet 5 months ago

We (my wife and I) thank you for this 14 Day Challenge ... as a couple of aging geriatrics ... thank you. We 'double-up' taking 28 - 30 days to do your 14 day challenge!
True, doing the 'wheel' pose did not quite happen but maybe another time. Looking forward to joining you on your 'subscriber' intermediate challenge.
Peace ...

Evan S 6 months ago

Believe I did this challenge several years, Fiji, but second time around it is much more empowering than the first. Thank you for that incredibly transformative series - namaste!

Katherine F 6 months ago

Thank you Fiji. Your classes are so thoughtfully set with great progression and your modulated voice so easy to listen to. Thank you for being and giving of yourself here in your classes.

marinethevenet 8 months ago

this is amazing. the 4th time i am practicing this challenge, and still loving it. it gave me power to go through the month of January, I can feel the improvement year after year. thank you Fidji, you're a star !

outdooryoga 9 months ago

Wow. Fabulous series. I have so much love and gratitude for you, Fiji, and DYWM for sharing your gifts. Yoga can be life-changing and I do believe it may just the kind of change our world needs right now. Keep it coming and we will keep showing up to do the work with you. Namaste.

nancyjanin@gmail.com 10 months ago

Fantastic series. Each class and the sequence is varied so I was never bored and always challenged. I like the honesty - crow pose doesn't feel comfortable for anyone - and the gentle words of encouragement. I may do the whole series again - I definitely improved but think a second time around would bring more results. Thank you.

Petra Baden 1 year ago

Fiji, you are truly an amazing yogi ,- Thank you for this wonderful yoga challenge. Namaste

I loved every one of these classes! the level was exactly what i was looking for: i felt challenged at every class but confident about my abilities and the new stength i have just built! The sequences Fiji builds are physically challenging but also interesting intellectually because they really work your sense of awareness of your body throughout the challenge. My shoulders are so much stronger than they were at the begining! Thank you so much for leading me through this challenge!