10-Minute Wake-Up

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Many of us only have 10 minutes to spare before or after work, as parents or because of a busy life. This quick, power yoga flow class packs the punches in a short period of time, moving you through a vinyasa that strengthens your shoulders and core, loosens your body with shoulder stretches and backbends and finishes with seated twists.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Really a great class
barbkoch 1 year ago

All wrapped up in a neat little package. Short, effective, I combined this with a couple of other short sessions.

You can always find time in
Jenny3 2 years ago

You can always find time in the morning for this one!

this class is absolutely
angelaglasses 2 years ago

this class is absolutely perfect! Tracey helps you create a lot of energy, space, and peace in a short period of time. I can tell I will be coming back to this class again and again.

Great quickie class!
SmileMore 2 years ago

I added this class onto another short class and the combo was nice. I read some other comments re.: the music before I watched. I liked the music, but honestly, I hardly noticed it! It was really just background. Thanks, Tracey!

I also loved the short wakeup
jennydyring 2 years ago

I also loved the short wakeup practice. And the music's kinda funky, which fits in with a wakeup routine. Good overall stretching.

This was such a great
cirvine06 3 years ago

This was such a great sequence!! I feel a lot better even after such a short practice. I'm getting warmed up to go on a jog.

Short but sweet
Tfillinger 3 years ago

Great way to get revitalized for the day!!!!

Loved the sequence, but...

Why the music in the background? I found it too annoying to listen to more than once, unfortunately.

Elsa Avila 3 years ago

I didn't have enough time for my practice and at the end I felt so complete in a short time. Thanks Tracey, thanks DYWM