Yoga for Shoulder Strength and Stability

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This is a very important tutorial for those working to build a strong and stable shoulder girdle. The practice in this yoga class will help create a foundation of movement and an understanding that will keep your practice safe and sustainable for years to come. Suitable for all levels.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


SMZalokar 11 months ago

Very nice. I enjoy these shorter, specifically focused classes as much as the longer ones. Thank you.

kelly-kicks 1 year ago

Thank you for the session I just got off work and it was a nice stretch and u do learn something new everyday thank you again

ejanedelong 1 year ago

I tweaked my rotator cuff at work and it was getting more and more painful to raise my arm overhead. Chaturanga was impossible. After doing this tutorial just once my shoulder feels stronger and both more stabile and more mobile! Feeling grateful and hopeful about my shoulders healing and getting stronger :-)

spaulukonis 1 year ago

I never knew I was doing chaturanga wrong until watching this several times. It's much harder the right way! After a shoulder sprain and months of PT without a lot of improvement, I started alternating days with this video and David's Ultimate Shoulder Stretch video, and have seen huge improvements quickly. Thanks!

sng4ever 1 year ago

Excellent tutorila on shoulder strength. Wonderful to revisit what to do / not do or , for beginners, to get it right to begin with.

LLove 2 years ago

This was a very helpful tutorial which I will revisit.

happyyogini 2 years ago

Nice shoulder work. Since I have been having wrist pain, it's really important to revisit and make sure the problem isn't coming from my shoulders.