Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Strengthen, Stretch and Relax Your Back II

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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Find relief for your lower back pain with part two of this 2-part series on yoga for lower back health, flexibility and strength. David takes you through a thorough, beginner yoga class that helps you strengthen the muscles that support and strengthen the lower back, stretch the back muscles that can cause lower back pain and relax the area around the back, helping you understand how to stop reinforcing the pain pattern in your body. This is the 2nd of a 2-class series. The first is Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Strengthen, Stretch and Relax Your Back I.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


SmileMore 4 months ago

Wonderful back health series! I've suffered for decades with chronic lower back pain. Over the years, I have found relief after learning that my quads needed stretching as well as my psoas muscles. This 2-part series fits right into my back health maintenance practice. I've used it when I was in pain (I proceeded very gently and listened) as well as when I have no pain. David's slow, clear guidance makes all the difference. "Treat your body like a sensitive instrument." :) Many thanks, David!

memarcy 5 months ago

Just like the first class I felt immense relief and looseness after doing this class. Thank you!

We are one life... 10 months ago

During the part with right heal pushing out and to the right with the strap, toes flexing back towards the ear and pulling the left knee towards the left hip, I feel a lot of tension in the inner left leg. The same thing happens on the reverse, pulling the left knee in. When I am very gentle, it is doable, but then I wonder if I’m doing the stretch correctly? What recommendations do you have? Is there a modification?

David Procyshyn 10 months ago

It sounds to me like the tension you're feeling is the muscle stretching... that' a common place to feel the stretch in that pose. I would recommend easing out of the pose enough so that you can relax that area of your body, but still feel the stretch. Does that make sense?

We are one life... 10 months ago

When it’s too deep, it feels sharper, but I found that balance of relaxing and stretching with some exploration. Thank you ! :)

Himalaya V 10 months ago

Thank you so much, David, for this soothing practice. I felt so much in pain before the class, and now I am... relieved!

We are one life... 10 months ago

This helped me so much today. I feel much more peaceful, relieved, empowered. You are a wonderful teacher! Thank you

zoeg 11 months ago

This two part series has helped my back recover from considerable pain quicker than normal. It was so nice to be able to do some stretching and core work during a time when most activity was unavailable to me.

Despite a fairly consistently yoga practice for over two years, I definitely have more core work to do than I previously thought. i will be using the core exercises in these videos as supplements to my yoga routine even after my back is healed!

The guidance is clear and I didn’t feel back pain once during the practice.

Thank you so much, David!

perfecta25 11 months ago

Felt amazing in the pelvis especially! and thank you for the lovely, healing svasana! :)