Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Strengthen, Stretch and Relax Your Back II

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David Procyshyn
Hatha Yoga
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Yoga for Back Care
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Find relief for your lower back pain with part two of this 2-part series on yoga for lower back health, flexibility and strength. David takes you through a thorough, beginner yoga class that helps you strengthen the muscles that support and strengthen the lower back, stretch the back muscles that can cause lower back pain and relax the area around the back, helping you understand how to stop reinforcing the pain pattern in your body.


nice morning class
huskyraja 2 months ago

Is there a way to bookmark this class so I can find it easily later?

Re: bookmarking a class
David Procyshyn 2 months ago

Yes, there is a button above the video that says 'Bookmark'. Click on that. It will then appear under your Bookmarks tab in your profile.

Thank you
Scrumpy67 2 months ago

I enjoy all the DoYogaWithMe classes I've tried, but I particulary love yours, David. I find your classes great release for back ache and tension, and your voice is very soothing and relaxing.
Thank you.

Focussing effectively on releasing lower back pain
New kind of hum... 3 months ago

Amazing how these exercises give the right amount of awareness to manage chronic pain in the lower back long term.

Just what I needed!
1maryebinger 3 months ago

After a physically and mentally exhausting day yesterday, I woke up with a stiff and sore back. Not feeling very energetic, I wanted something reasonably paced that would free my aching lower back muscles. This was wonderful. David, thank you for your work!