Yoga for Lifelong Strength

Guy Friswell
Instructor Guy Friswell
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Maintaining your strength as you age is key to lifelong health. In this beginner practice, Guy uses his slow flow style to lead you through a series of strengthening poses aimed at maintaining your overall bodily health. This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as part of Guy's series on sustaining lifelong wellness through yoga.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga Therapy


maggiemeister1@... 2 months ago

Absolutely love this class Guy. Love the pace and your calm demeanor along with a touch of humor. Great way to start my day.

Trishwit 3 months ago

I like Fists of Fire! What benefits does this pose have?

kapkap 3 months ago

Thanks for this series, from me and my teenage daughter!

mamagirl51 4 months ago

Guy, I love your classes. They challenge with gentleness.
And I like the new beard.


Ronko 4 months ago

I love guy frizwel’s classes. He gives excellent cues, and has a wonderful way of encouraging. And I also love how he draws out the word, SHAAAA-VAAH-SAA- naaa.

Bebby 4 months ago

Lovely, lovely flow. A great way to start my day. Thank you for your willingness to share your love of yoga.

Leahbadea 4 months ago

Thank you ,Very nice. This was just the class to get me energized in a short amount of time. Namaste

Kim Gauen 4 months ago

Hi, Guy. Thanks from me, my son and his daughter. We all loved it!