Yoga for Athletes

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Fiji McAlpine
Yoga for Runners
Yoga for Athletes
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Being an athlete herself, Fiji knows how to take care of the body when you are punishing it with regular, intense workouts. This class is great for any athlete, whether you are a runner, swimmer, cyclist, football player, hockey player or a lover of any other sport. This will help you recover, prevent injuries and move efficiently in whatever sport you choose.


This is a wonderful practice
Auxilia 1 year ago

This is a wonderful practice for rest days between bouts of more intense exercise. It is both challenging and relaxing, and Fiji's comments on focus are inspiring; I really love how she manages to incorporate life lessons into the yoga practice. The music is also well-chosen. I highly recommend this practice ^_^!

thank you Fiji!
pmanosca 1 year ago

I honestly never noticed how tough my hips felt until this practice! Thank you Fiji for helping me understand more about my lower body as well as helping me draw attention to where my body needs work. I love all your videos! :)

sporty practice
nadturg 1 year ago

This is a great class if working a lot with the legs. However, it is quite demanding on the upper body, I felt some stretching asanas were missing for this. I found the energy of the class too performance oriented, somehow, it would be nice to have a different orientation. Fiji's voice and teachings are, as usual, great.

Challenging and rewarding
AlAnanda 1 year ago

This was a really tough session. I'll definitely have to come back to it.

Running and Rowing

As someone trying to come back from hip and knee issues, this practice felt just right. Good stretching and gentle strengthening of the body for workout recovery.

A fantastic class! Love the
dariusznowak 1 year ago

A fantastic class! Love the calmness of your voice, however I would suggest to just to give a bit more time to stay in some positions, like twists etc.... nonetheless, a really good class!

Psoas stretch!
Gymjunkee27 1 year ago

Finally! That's a hard muscle to stretch, but she got it! Love love this class

Definitely worth my while!!
vinyasaspirit (not verified) 1 year ago

Definitely worth my while!!

Absolutely brilliant for men
TheJoslins 2 years ago

Will return to this many times.