A Yin/Yang Flow for Energy

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Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga
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Class Description: 

The yang comes before the yin in this quick, satisfying yoga class. Sarah-Jane first gets you moving through a few sun salutations, then takes your warm body into some deep yin stretches for the hips, back and legs.


Great video
AprilStewart 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this great video. I really liked the variety between the two styles. The shoelace pose was really helpful for my chronically tight hips. I agree with a PP that there were some terms that could have used translation, but it didn't interfere with my enjoyment of the class. Thank you again, my body feels more open and my mind more at peace after doing this class.

I came into this practice
Emilushka 2 months ago

I came into this practice feeling tight and ended feeling opened and fluid in the body. Thank you!

Beautiful return to my mat
Amberyoga 5 months ago

Beautiful return to my mat practice, thank you

Beautiful return to my mat
Amberyoga 5 months ago

Beautiful return to my mat practice, thank you

Sarah Jane, thank you for
ama1031 5 months ago

Sarah Jane, thank you for this special practice before work on my 49th trip around the sun. Happy Birthday to me. My intentions are set and peace and openness is surrounding me. Namaste.

Thank you
Helen Alford 7 months ago

Thanks I can no longer afford to go to my wonderful yin yoga class and this was a wonderful start to the day for m e. One day I hope to teach yin yoga to women in prison and in recovery, I think it should be available to everyone. Namaste.

I did this practice first
kholbein 8 months ago

I did this practice first thing in the morning and it was a great way to energize and wake me up for the day!

Many Thanks for the breathing instruction!
Tesshiva 9 months ago

I get kind of lazy with breathing, but with the detailed explanation, I learn to be more careful with the inhalation/exhalation practice. It really helps to get deeper into the postures! Many Thanks!

A lovely start to my quest for yoga again x
yogaforever78 9 months ago

The postures were great and have got me energised for starting up Yoga again. Thank you. Although I understand some of the 'yoga' language a lot of others do not and perhaps this could be taken out or reduced somewhat as it could be more time to discuss in layman's terms. I hope this is taken in the kind light I have intended it to be. Thank you for a lovely start x

Remember to wear your hair in
MLS8083 9 months ago

Remember to wear your hair in a low pony tail and not on top of your head. Kinda hard to do fish pose if you hair is up. Otherwise it was a great quick class that was very calming and relaxing!