1-Minute Yoga Tip: How To Make Your Own Bolster [Video]

In this short video David Procyshyn shows you how to make your own yoga bolster out of blankets. Bolsters and other tools are commonly provided to students by yoga studios and are used in a variety of positions and exercises. If you don't own one, and don't feel you will use one often enough to justify buying a bolster for your home practice, follow this quick and easy guide.

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Lindsey7x 3 years ago

So glad I saw this! One thing we have plenty of around this house is blankets. Excited to give it a go!

My Homemade Bolster
Punkypooch 4 years ago

I made my own by rolling up an old blanket, but I didn't have any ties or rope, so I used one of those belts that you have to tie. I used it in the Stretch Class for Beginners 2, and that thing was SO uncomfortable! I couldn't finish the video with it! Then I remembered that I already had a couple bolster shaped throw pillows and used them instead (much better).

The lesson in this: Don't use a belt to tie your makeshift bolster.