Wheel Pose: Open the Heart

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Tracey Noseworthy
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Tracey teaches you how to open up the body into a gradual, deep backbend that you will need to access in the second class of this series when you do full wheel pose (chakrasana), also called upward facing bow pose (urdva dhanurasana). She helps you release the spine, shoulders, hip flexors and legs while encouraging you to move through a fun, vigorous power yoga flow.


Thanks for the fun class
Tracey Newton 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the fun class Tracey, great transitions and loved the circular flow. This is now one of my favourites

Sa-Weet Session
stuessy 1 month ago

This is one of the best sessions on this website. Great flow that digs in one layer at a time. Thank you, Tracey.

Great class
Sylviaperezdelae 3 months ago

Gentle but intense. Your classes always have that calmness - thank you!

Pinch in low back
ama1031 5 months ago

I loved this class and appreciated all the openness it had. I have a question since it happens often with my low back sciatica and arthritis, do you have any suggestions on how to manage not having low back pinch in back bends? I try and tuck my pelvis under towards the front, but it still is problematic. I know low back and hip flexors are really tight, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Just What I Needed!
KateMann86 5 months ago

Thanks Tracey for such a nice sequence, I'm feeling a bit under the weather and really needed some yoga to get me active, but still calming and not too intense. Really appreciated!

PeacefulRN 5 months ago

Such a great flow and sequence - stretching and opening the whole body! This is a great stand alone class, no matter if one is planning on processing to full wheel. The backbends and heart-opening feel gentle, thorough and really good; nothing feels forced or over-done. Thank you, Tracey!!
Want to mention that there is a little bit of chatter during sivasana that *probably* was intended to be edited out.... Not a big deal but a little disruptive and kind of amusing.