Wheel Pose: Open the Heart

Intermediate II
(94 Reviews)
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Tracey teaches you how to open up the body into a gradual, deep backbend that you will need to access in the second class of this series, Wheel Pose: Full Posture, when you do full wheel pose (chakrasana), also called upward facing bow pose (urdva dhanurasana). She helps you release the spine, shoulders, hip flexors and legs while encouraging you to move through a fun, vigorous power yoga flow.


  • None


  • Hips
  • Vigorous/Energy
  • Spine
  • Neck/Shoulders
  • Morning


  • Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Tranquil One
September 11, 2023

Amazing practice and feel at ease and tranquil after a tough day. Thanks Tracey! Loved it and will return to it!

November 14, 2022

This is truly a loving practice of opening the heart! Thank you again, Tracey. Your guidance throughout is always right on!

June 6, 2022

Thank you again Tracey, for your penetrating and calming guidance through this grounding flow.