Vinyasa to Exhilarate

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

Exhilaration is the goal in this 35-minute invigorating sequence that will push you, help you focus and let go of the stress in your life. Tracey's guidance is full of encouragement and smiles, even through the hard sequences. You'll feel fantastic after this class.


So good!
PeacefulRN 2 months ago

Comprehensive and smooth, grounding class - perfect pace and just right for those days when I want a shorter class. Love Tracey's style, cues, and wording. Thank you!

Great for my back and overall strength

I am recovering from breast cancer treatment and this was my first class over 20 minutes. I deliberately chose Tracy and so happy i did. I am really learning to love yoga and how it makes me feel. Thanks so much

The power of being calm IN a storm
orbitlc 3 months ago

Peace does not mean no noise, trouble or chaos, it means being in the midst of those things and still being calm in your heart. Whilst Mother Nature unleashed ferocious force and relentless rain upon South East Queensland yesterday causing unprecedented levels of disruption and chaos (flooding, power cut, schools closed, shops shut), I surprised myself in feeling incredible serenity and calmness early in the afternoon doing this class. Looking out across my patio during my practice, I saw sheets of rain belting down on my backyard and beyond against a steadfastly solid, grey sky. There was a palpable determination as that rain came down at a 45 degree angle with the wind joining in to heighten the drama. Yet I felt remarkably centered, calm and really strong as I progressed through your lovely class. A storm was literally, raging around me, yet I felt surprisingly peacefuI. It was a most lovely feeling to register :) Tracey, I have long been practising many of your classes but never commented. Thank you!

Tracey's sequences & transitions rock!
Melanie Lichtinger 4 months ago

Loved the well-rounded 'classic' flow, with lots of good extras: Tracey's way of helping me stay grounded, focused, both precise and enjoyable in the poses and moves, the space that's been created before going deeper - sooo much better. The sequences and transitions - even did side plank tree for the first time! )... So much effect through 35 min.
Awesome transformational class, feeling great now in the rain, and so grateful for being able to DoYogaWithMe @ hOMe!
Thank you, Tracey - will come back to it!

Straight forward vinyasa flow
SMarie 5 months ago

perfect way to warm up and start the day.

Exhilarating gift!
zenkatk 5 months ago

I just did Tracey's class after a day glued to my desk, trying to meet a deadline for a fellowship application (I'm a medical student). What an exhilarating GIFT at the end of my day. Beautiful. Thank you, Tracey. Namaste. (P.S. I have been following DoYogaWithMe for several years and have always enjoyed Tracey's teachings! But don't think I found this one until today. Lucky me!)

wonderful tension relief
mcnolan327 5 months ago

This is one practice i will keep coming back to. after a very stressful day, tears of relief in meditation. thank you.

Uplifting, encouraging
Coomala 5 months ago

Thank you, Tracey, for the lovely practice.
My laptop had buffering issues, which gave me plenty of pauses and time to add prayer.
A perfect start to the day!

beautiful flow of grounding and stretching
Heidiyogi 5 months ago

after a break , this session reconnected me to myself . thank you for sesssion full of sweetness

Absolutely perfect., thank you.
missmac 6 months ago

This video is challenging but perfect. A wonderful combination of balance and strength. Starting or ending your day you finish with your heart singing. Ready for what's next.
Thank you.