Sun Salutes with Binding Twists

David Procyshyn
Hatha Yoga
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I absolutely love this Hatha yoga class! It's challenging, rigorous and a great flow through a series of poses that stretch the entire body, with a focus on deep stretching for the shoulders. There are a lot of arm binds, twists and poses that will make you sweat! Note: you will need a strap or tie for this class.


This was a nice class to help
loveofjoe11 1 month ago

This was a nice class to help me wind down at night and stretch those shoulders

Love this class.
jhodgesdvm 6 months ago

This is one of my go to classes -usually at least once a week. Sometimes my practice is off-grid so I am wondering if it could be available to purchase at least the audio? Thanks.

David Procyshyn 6 months ago

I wish we did, but this is one of our older videos and we don't have any downloads available

If this video were available to purchase, I would buy it
Sabrina Kane 10 months ago

I use it at least 3-4 times a month. It's wonderful.

Slow is Beautiful

What a wonderful class for Christmas time - slowwww and stretchy, full of body awareness. Shoulders are very open and happy now. Loved the looong savasana integration.
Thank you so much David, for the clear and calm instructions and modelling!
And gratitude to Craig for the didj and flute sound yoga! What a perfect blend!
Hope you co-create more!

The Best Thing My Shoulders have Experienced
jcclaire7 1 year ago

As always, David Proscyshyn is amazing, and this class is exceptional, perfect for a weekend when I have more time. Especially perfect was the savasana, really beautiful imagery for being inside my body and feeling the integration of the movements from class. I have shoulder tightness not only from a desk job but also from repeated injuries (which have healed), but they are very sensitive. The stretches are completely thorough, but gentle enough to modify and "oh my gosh" feels SO good.

I love it
VickyT 2 years ago

I can't express how thankful I am for this class.Slow and challenging it was the perfect way to calm down in an evening practise. My body was totally relaxed during savasana.
Thank you so much David!

This was the most blissful
KFletch7 2 years ago

This was the most blissful and relaxing yoga class I've taken in a long time. And it really stretched all the places I desperately needed to: mainly shoulders, and some hips and back. By the end, I was feeling so good that I even drifted off a time or two in shavasana, which I've never done before. Perfect on this rainy day. Thank you, David!

Don't be afraid of the binds!
Virglee 3 years ago

I was nervous to try this class because I can't really do binds (I have very short arms) but it was amazing, and there were plenty of alternative ways to do the poses without the binds. It was challenging enough to keep me focused, but at the same time, so incredibly relaxing. I think this one is my new favourite.

It slowed me down
stefifi 4 years ago

Thanks david. Ive been using your site for a while now and havent thanked you yet!
This class was good for me as Im always tempted to do too much and go too fast and you made me slow down and still work very well on the body.
Big amile