The Space Within Us

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.6 (86 votes)
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What are we made of? In this Intermediate practice, Fiji reminds us that we are mostly comprised of space. That sentiment of spaciousness is then infused into how we are able to move within and between poses. This practice helps us tap into an inner sense of lightness, expansion, and energy.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


haysnk1 2 weeks ago

Difficult class for me -- the peak pose is a long way off in my practice. Yet at the end I felt quite calm, no sense that I had struggled. Fiji has a great way of connecting us to where we are and letting that be OK.

MC Lessard 3 months ago

Thank you Fiji for this eloquent space travel. I particularly enjoyed the words. I rated this practice a 3 just because I felt the poses were too advanced compated to other INTERMEDIATE classes.

GratefulinNashville 4 months ago

It is fitting that I never noticed this video until today - my 100th consecutive day of yoga (but who's counting!?). This practice was magical and really hit the spot tonight. Thanks to everyone at DYWM for making a daily yoga practice both realistic and affordable.

Mushu 6 months ago

Thank you Fiji for amazing classes. I really enjoy every time. I feel very calmed and peaceful after practicing with you.

monicasofia 8 months ago

Thanks Fiji for such great class. I need it to make space in me, after a strong emotional liberation in my life.

crepuscule3142 8 months ago

If we compressed all humans that had ever lived (about 100 billion) then they would all fit inside a sugar cube. Not just one person! If the earth were compressed in this way, it would be the size of a football stadium.

Thanks for the class, it was invigorating and challenging.

mromero 10 months ago

Hello, this class is amazing! It's like Fiji narrating an episode of Cosmos within a yoga class!!!! Love love love!
Fiji has helped me find so much extra space in my shoulders and lats!! Beautifully instructed, well-rounded class!

yogiAndermoser 11 months ago

Wow, loved this class. Could really feel myself getting smaller/dense in the sinking eagle pose and then the wondrous feeling of space as I opened into warrior 3. What a wonderful class. Thank you Fiji!

Layla23 11 months ago

Hi, I use to work out with weights,, due to LBP ,can no longer lift the weights, due to pain. I wish I did YOGO earlier in life. Fiji you are FANTASTIC I have been enjoying your classes for five months........... WOW, I LOVE Your engery and knowledge. Thank you......I always look forward for my nightly workouts with you. I'm on the intermediate level now , thanks for getting me there comfortably.

TaimiC 1 year ago

I loved the reflective meditations with the practice - the visualizations and sense of starlight helped me come closer to achieving those peak poses. Can't do them now, may never do them, but I loved the process and the attempts. A wonderful practice for a rainy day or a summer morning - Thank you!