The Space Within Us

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Fiji McAlpine
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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What are we made of? In this Intermediate practice, Fiji reminds us that we are mostly comprised of space. That sentiment of spaciousness is then infused into how we are able to move within and between poses. This practice helps us tap into an inner sense of lightness, expansion, and energy.


perfect pick me up
KelseyA72 1 week ago

Thank you for sharing this class. I was feeling agitated because my day was hectic and I hadn't had a chance to move my body yet. I'm so happy I took the time when I got home to do this, I feel so much better. Energy is now flowing freely and I feel much more at ease. Namaste

pvetsen 1 week ago

This one pairs really beautifully with Finding Your Ground. Thank you, as always, for all that you do.

Great peak pose, to much talk
JernYoga 1 week ago

Fiji delivers again and again. I really liked the peak pose and the preparation for it. All the talk of energy and space was a bit to much for me. I'd say focus on the practice.


Even though the peak poses were in my sense too challenging for intermediates I'm so glad it was classified as such otherwise I would have missed the wonderful visualization practice with Fiji and my own super spacious pranic experience.
Will revisit, and again be spacious with myself re: 'attaining' the peak. It's all space, it's all good :-)

Another great class!
karen77ca 1 week ago

Once again, I enjoyed this class. Some parts were definitely advanced. Not sure I'll ever achieve the side eagle pose (if that's what it's called) but I had fun trying! :)

Enjoyed the multiple "peak" poses within one class!
lpyles 2 weeks ago

Enjoyed the relaxing stretches at the start and loved what followed! I really like that in this and your other newest class you incorporate in the flow multiple intermediate-advanced poses. In many classes you have just focused on one peak pose and that is great when you are learning, but I like that these classes assume we know how to get into those "peak poses" and we get to do multiple in one practice. I enjoyed the transition from seated eagle into the variation of warrior III, feels so light and freeing! Hope you do many more like this practice! Namaste'

Slow, relaxing, strong
jemusto 2 weeks ago

Was lovely for my stiff body. Liked the challenge and the thorough approach.

PhoenixNz 2 weeks ago

It wasn't raining here when I started this class, however during savasana the most amazing hailstorm rained down on my tin roof here in New Zealand......Perhaps your light & space reaches further than you think Fiji?;) Inspirational as always, thank you x

More advanced
Puffelda 2 weeks ago

I am an intermediate level practice level. I feel that this class was definitely more of an advanced level. Very challenging.