A Seated, Whole Body Hatha Yoga Flow

Hatha Yoga
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If you are craving a yoga class that moves easily through a gentle, deep, hatha yoga flow, look no further. Forget about coming to your feet... this entire Hatha yoga class is on the ground, and you'll love it! With attention to detail, while moving through progressively deeper poses, David guides you through this class effortlessly.



Not really beginners, and not much time
mailanne 3 weeks ago

There was a lot of time to get into the pose, but once I was there, there was hardly any time to really feel the pose and get deeper into it. Also, as other people said, a couple of poses were really not beginners and no alternatives were given for people with less flexibility.

Love your classes David
Fifiyogi 4 months ago

I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and I am discovering that I love really simple meditative classes. Your emphasis on relaxation is what I really like. Loved this class .. although my favourite one of yours is the 'yoga for inner acceptance' which is amazing. Thank you

monkeysoxx 5 months ago

The bound poses were impossible for me since I'm still sort of a beginner and I'm plus size lol but hopefully I'll be able to do all of this easily!

I really enjoyed this class.
Jagomez1952 8 months ago

I really enjoyed this class. I wondered how I could stay seated throughout the class, but it was no problem. I feel great now!

This is my go to practice
Yoga soul 8 months ago

This is my go to practice when I'm too sore to stand and perform a traditional practice. Love it!

Great class
sbeltrang 1 year ago

Oh: I love this class. Even though I don't think some of the poses can be executed completely by beginners (and I am a true beginner), I could feel my body responding so well to this class, even when I couldn't stretch so much or perform the pose as David. Will definitely do it again!

The beginning is nice, the
MADSISLIEF 1 year ago

The beginning is nice, the hip stretches but it becomes an Ashtanga practice after without modification. Marachiasana with binding is by no means a beginners practice.

hedgyoga123 1 year ago

I really enjoyed this Yoga class and I will do it again, but as it is marked as a beginners class I was surprised there weren't more modifications given. I found a lot of the poses beyond my bodies capability, so I modified myself but more guidance would have helped!

my favorite practice
Barbi520 1 year ago

This practice really keeps the body loose and free from pain. Includes some of my favorite poses-cow face pose, cobbler, gentle twisting poses. If I do get a slight injury from following other videos, I do this practice immediately and all is well.
Sometimes I stick exclusively to David's videos. I know that I will not be caught wrong footed because his descriptions are perfectly clear. At first, some of the poses were challenging-inverse plank- but now I do them with little effort. Thank you for these great videos.