Revolved Bound Side Angle Pose: Dynamic Twists

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Fiji takes three classes to prepare your body and mind for revolved bound side angle pose (parivrtta baddha parsvakonasana). This pose requires that you are very open in your hips, spine and shoulders and that you can move into, hold and move out of the pose with support from your core. In this class, Fiji focuses on how you move into a twist with a strong foundation, ensuring that you have good alignment and that you're getting the most out of the pose.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


rebeccably 1 month ago

A great challenge! I love how she very gradually builds into the twists and has you considering each direction of movement; it makes a huge difference in how it feels when you build up to the peak of the pose. A bonus: the legs will be nice and sore tomorrow!

Sonimis 11 months ago

Wonderful and challenging class! Thank you Fiji. Namaste

mchaneymc 1 year ago

Thank you for another great class, you really are amazing.

nadomom 1 year ago

There's a reason I keep coming back to Fiji's classes...I LOVE them. Steady pace and deep core holds. Thank you.

Svetlana_N 1 year ago

I want to thank Fiji for her amazing work. I used to practice youga 3-4 times a week with my youga teacher for 4 years but then I had to quit. So now I`m trying to restart) Ay first I was thinking «Well it is too easy» but later... wow, that was challenging! Thanks!

nadomom 1 year ago

Nice twists and slow pace makes it challenging. Thank you.

Margarethe 1 year ago

I wanted to do some nice deep twisting after a day of working at a desk. Fiji gives us just that. Livia mentioned her legs were burning. Me too. An added bonus :-)

Thank you Fiji!

choco_noire07 1 year ago

I’ve started my yoga journey by follow almost all of Fiji’s classes and her 14days challenge serie. This class is quite a challenge even the poses aren’t tricky but they gave me a great legs work out. My knees and calves were on fire in a great way. I always have calf pain after work but completed this class, i am no longer noticing my pain is there any more!
Thank you for such a great twist class. Definitely redo it more often

Veggiegnome 1 year ago

Hi! Love the website! What are the hints if the video keeps freezing. I'm using Chrome, fast internet speed...any help would be appreciated. Disrupting my flow :(