Refine and Align: Side Plank

Andrea Ting-Letts
Instructor Andrea Ting-Letts
Average: 4.8 (32 votes)
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In this targeted vinyasa flow sequence, Andrea guides you to power up your shoulder girdle, wrists, hands and core to build a more functional and sustainable side plank (vasithasana).

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Becky in TX 7 months ago

OH! This was surprising and challenging and so well done. I will look for Andrea in the future and return to this class again and again.
Thank you so much.

mkrishock 7 months ago

This was my first class with Andrea and I really enjoyed it. Her calming voice , infused with laughs at just the right moments, was delightful. I appreciated her description of our arms as tent poles. It really helped me to put the pose into perspective. I look forward to more classes with Andrea.

yogiAndermoser 7 months ago

This was my first class with Andrea - and I loved it! Clear, calm voice with great tips. Really liked the three directed breaths at shivasana at the end. Hope to see many more classes by you, Andrea!

mnmmomjen 7 months ago

I appreciated the clear, specific instructions for finger clawing and arm rotating to power up the shoulder. Shoulder strength and stability have always been a struggle in side plank pose. The wrist relief was so helpful, too, as well as the acknowledgement of the difficulty of the poses. Andrea is very real and down-to-earth; she is a new instructor for me. The countdowns were a bit distracting, though I understand the intention to let us know how much longer we are in a particular pose. I will do this class again and keep trying the variations of side plank!