Progressing to Headstand

Vinyasa/Power Yoga

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This is the perfect video for those aspiring to do headstand or simply to do headstand better. Fiji guides you through a flow that prepares the body for the strength and flexibility that well-executed headstand requires. She then demonstrates how to move into headstand safely with a partner or against a wall.



jennbot2000 4 months ago

Another great class with Fiji!! My first attempt at headstands and I can see this creating the foundation for a gradual and sustainable progress into inversions!! Can't wait to give this class another go!!!

Aaaaaah! I've just finished
emhenry 10 months ago

Aaaaaah! I've just finished this practice with a huge smile on my face! Although I have been "doing" headstand for a while, it felt great to really slow it down and work on the foundations again. My shoulders needed that strengthen and release! Thank you!

Quite the challenge!
jellis1025 1 year ago

I have been able to do headstands for awhile, but the pressure in my head didn't quite feel right. This class allowed me to finally understand how to use my elbows and shoulders correctly. I did the headstand without any pressure to my head! This was a wonderful class! Thank you!

Beautiful class. Explicit
ortrudes 1 year ago

Beautiful class. Explicit instruction. Thank you Fiji!

Loved it. Completed first
PY 1 year ago

Loved it. Completed first headstand during this video, so no issues whatsoever :-)

Fiji - you are awesome!
cph_sunshine 2 years ago

A huge thank you to Fiji and David - for many months I have been struggling with headstand to the point that I would start to panic if I knew one was coming up, but today that finally changed! Your class was perfect! I did a headstand! And now finally understand the importance of stacking the body and pushing into the arms to lift rather than putting pressure on the head! Thank you so much - you have helped me overcome what really was becoming a barrier to my practice! I hope this message gives a positive boost to your day as your class did mine :D THANKYOU!

Great class
Theodi 2 years ago

I've done this a couple of times now and really like it, it's a great class for building strength in arms and shoulders! I'm looking forward to being able to raise my legs with practice. Thanks Fiji

always learning
machine 2 years ago

That was great! Although I can do headstand, there's some fantastic tips in it, and a great workout. Nice one Fiji!

phoenix11 2 years ago

a really really great video, a beautiful addition to my day, and the perfect way to strengthen my practice today. Thank you!