Progressing to Headstand

Vinyasa Yoga
Yoga for Strength

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This is the perfect video for those aspiring to do headstand or simply to do headstand better. Fiji guides you through a flow that prepares the body for the strength and flexibility that well-executed headstand requires. She then demonstrates how to move into headstand safely with a partner or against a wall.



Beautiful class. Explicit
ortrudes 3 months ago

Beautiful class. Explicit instruction. Thank you Fiji!

Loved it. Completed first
PY 4 months ago

Loved it. Completed first headstand during this video, so no issues whatsoever :-)

Fiji - you are awesome!
cph_sunshine 12 months ago

A huge thank you to Fiji and David - for many months I have been struggling with headstand to the point that I would start to panic if I knew one was coming up, but today that finally changed! Your class was perfect! I did a headstand! And now finally understand the importance of stacking the body and pushing into the arms to lift rather than putting pressure on the head! Thank you so much - you have helped me overcome what really was becoming a barrier to my practice! I hope this message gives a positive boost to your day as your class did mine :D THANKYOU!

Great class
Theodi 1 year ago

I've done this a couple of times now and really like it, it's a great class for building strength in arms and shoulders! I'm looking forward to being able to raise my legs with practice. Thanks Fiji

always learning
machine 1 year ago

That was great! Although I can do headstand, there's some fantastic tips in it, and a great workout. Nice one Fiji!

phoenix11 1 year ago

a really really great video, a beautiful addition to my day, and the perfect way to strengthen my practice today. Thank you!

Great class
maralvn 1 year ago

Beautiful and inspirational class. Thank you Fiji.

wonderful challenge
cbwarman 1 year ago

Thank you for the terrific instruction at all stages of this class. I have done headstand many times before but have never felt so clear in using my shoulders and forearms. I was definitely challenged by the class, as I have lost most of my upper body strength in the last few months. Fiji is a great instructor and this website is such a gift.

Progressing to Headstand
M.Lukman 1 year ago

Great class. I will try to do it on a regular basis, twice a week and hopefully it will help me with my headstand. Thank you Fiji.