Power Yoga for Balance

Ron Stewart
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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In Ron's first class, he shows you why so many students love his style. He's a dancer, performer and massage practitioner, and all of these skills are expressed in his classes. This class is fun, vigorous and a beautiful progression into some very difficult foot balance postures. You will hear Ron mention Mula Bandha, which is a pelvic floor contraction. If you're unfamiliar with this, check out our Core Activation: Pelvic Floor video tutorial.


Excellent building up...
Melanie Lichtinger 8 months ago

...of balance, focus, and strength. Love the fluidity and inner body awareness you model, Ron, and that this and other of your classes generate! It only takes 1 hr and 11 min to be fully regenerated and ready from the core for what's to come.
Bring on more classes, Ron!
In gratitude!

So good!
kasey_curtis 11 months ago

I loved this class. The moment by moment awareness of the body, the visual cues, helped so much to really stay present and to keep balance. Thank you!

I think this class was
arawicz1 2 years ago

I think this class was misnamed. It did not feel in any way like a power yoga class. It was slow slow slow - which some people may want, but I was looking for a power yoga class!

Power Yoga for Balance
David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Yes, I guess it depends on how you define 'power'. You're right, typically power classes move at a quicker pace, so in that respect it doesn't quite meet the criteria.



Feel grounded
YoNiki 2 years ago

Very nice practice! I feel very grounded now :-)

you helped me through breast cancer treatment Ron thanks
heckerdy 2 years ago

I wore these few practices out during post op and radiation for breast cancer, I even got my Radiation Oncologist to watch you and he thought your practice was perfect! I went through breast cancer treatment and found your video on youtube. I have tried others and always come back to yours on this page . So sad there are only these few
I hope to see more of you Ron! If not I will keep cycling though these until I know them by heart thanks again

you drew me here
Heidela 3 years ago

I have now done Ron Stewarts videos at least 3 times apiece and really appreciate his practice. I found him on a rainy day, on Youtube and it was such a nice practice it lead me to this site and that lead me to other practices with other instructors and really I keep coming back to Ron thanks so much and hope to see more of you

Liria 3 years ago

Simply gorgeous! It is amazing how close I feel to Ron while following his class. It is as if he knew the exact words at the right time to make me surrender, lose any resistance and enjoy. Thanks!!

Helpful for learning balance
Dakota Drummer 3 years ago

Helpful tips for balance poses. I had to refer to the video frequently as audio cues were not always understandable on their own. Plus, I did not watch prior to practicing though. It is easier to provide clear cues if they are scripted and overdubbed so I understand that live audio will be less perfect in comparison. Deep breathing and tongue click were distracting at times. Thanks for the class.

ortrudes 3 years ago

I can feel Ron's dance experience in his practice. Very nice. Thanks Ron.