Power Yoga for Balance

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
Average: 4.6 (89 votes)
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In Ron's first class, he shows you why so many students love his style. He's a dancer, performer and massage practitioner, and all of these skills are expressed in his classes. This class is fun, vigorous and a beautiful progression into some very difficult standing balance postures. You will hear Ron mention Mula Bandha, which is a pelvic floor contraction. If you're unfamiliar with this, check out our Core Activation: Pelvic Floor video tutorial.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


ÀfricaRM 2 weeks ago

Another wonderful and original class by Ron. Although for me it is a bit challenging (it is really a long class, and I have my own problems with balance) it helps me a lot. Every time I do this class I notice that my balanced has improved. Also, Ron is a charming and flexible teacher who lets you be yourself, shortcomings included. Namaste, Ron!

kb 3 months ago

Absolutely loved this class! The cues are delightful! First time doing the class I'm happy to watch Ron as his strength and grace are inspiring!

Nikki_Paulie 5 months ago

I didn't like this class very much. The instuctions for how to get into poses, and for transitions were not consistant, and were not always clear. I found myself having to constantly look at the screen to know what to do, and having to do that keeps me out of being present in my own body. The instructions were a little too vague throughout, and I noticed that often the instructor would be already in a move, or starting a transition before he gave the directions for the movement, so I ended up playing catch up for most of the class.

Foxy Roxi 5 months ago

It took me a second attempt to engage with this class all the way to the end. My external gaze makes it somewhat tricky or challenging to stay balanced internally. I enjoyed the dancing and realised perhaps I use other parts of my body help me to stay upright rather than grounding through my feet and then ankles. The idea of my ankles being strong and able to dance (soft) was a beautiful suggestion thank you. Personally clearer verbal cues would be helpful as I enjoy yoga more when I can listen to the teacher, following along without necessarily looking at the screen. Thank you David.

Lmyers488 6 months ago

Unfortunately the first class on this site that I did not enjoy, due to false expectations with the labeling. I would categorize this as an intermediate 1 instead of 3, and not necessarily a power class. Also, I found Ron did not give adequate instruction and I had to constantly look at the video to see what he was doing (right or left leg? I’m lifting my arms now?). Maybe I’ve been doing too many of Fiji’s classes though :)

Foxy Roxi 5 months ago

Lmyers488, I too enjoy Fiji's amazing way of connecting all the dots together to allow for careful reflection of the inner and outer world. I always enjoy her classes as I connect profoundly. with her style. What I loved about Rons class was the invitation to try something new. I am curious to try a third one of his classes but I won't do it when I am looking for that invigorating flow, maybe on a rest. day. Thank you for the reclassification David, appreciated.

David Procyshyn 6 months ago

Thanks! We're adapting to our new system of categorization so I appreciate your feedback. I also think this is an Intermediate I class, so I've made the change. And yes, Ron's style is a bit different than Fiji's - it can be more challenging to follow!

denaj707 12 months ago

I just found this session and Ron has cured (well, nearly) my wobblies! The magic is in the "dancing ankle". I realized that the more I wobbled in class, the more I tried to harden my ankle resulting in even worse balance. I was in a circle that just kept getting worse until listening to Ron and keeping my ankle more relaxed and being ok with it moving.