Natarajasana: Dance of the Divine

Shivani Wells
Instructor Shivani Wells
Average: 4.7 (106 votes)
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Shivani takes you through a beautiful, invigorating flow that finishes with full dancer's pose, or natarajasana. She has a wonderful clarity and ease in her delivery and she has a way of making the more difficult poses feel easier. Have fun exploring the dancer inside of you!

Equipment: Strap
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


tzk12 6 months ago

This was my first practice with Shivani and I must say, that was some of the best, if not "the best" yoga instruction and guidance I've ever experienced. I've been doing yoga for many years and I really learned a lot about what I was doing wrong in my form. Her cues are spot on to help you advance into the poses. I was able to do full dancer's pose because of the great prep work and instruction. I can't say enough about Shivani...I definitely will be checking out more of her classes, such a gifted teacher!

spiderlilz 8 months ago

I seldom do classes that give so much attention to the shoulders! It was so nice!

janets63 1 year ago

What a nice treat, I feel wonderfully stretched and warm inside. My first class with Shivani but not last.
Thank you!

elikesit 2 years ago

Love this instructor. This was a soothing yet strengthening class... I will turn to it again and again. Thank you :)

Sailchange 2 years ago

Great practice. I feel like my whole body is well stretched and challenged and there's opportunity to extend yourself as well. Must get a longer strap. Thank you Shivani!

mrswright2015 2 years ago

The way Shivani set up this class led me to truly experiencing and encountering Divinity when we did the peak pose. Perfect for a Sunday morning before church.

Noelle76 3 years ago

Awesome class! Shivani completely prepares you for the peak pose. You hold postures long enough to receive their benefits, but not to the point where you feel like you are going to die.
I wish she had more videos on this site!

NByogi 4 years ago

This class was exactly the sort of practice I needed to counteract the effects of slouching over my computer all day. Thanks, Shivani, for such a great practice! I will definitely integrate the "flip flop" strap technique into the rest of my practice, too.