Natarajasana: Dance of the Divine

Shivani Wells
Instructor Shivani Wells
Average: 4.7 (115 votes)
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Shivani takes you through a beautiful, invigorating flow that finishes with full dancer's pose, or natarajasana. She has a wonderful clarity and ease in her delivery and she has a way of making the more difficult poses feel easier. Have fun exploring the dancer inside of you!

Equipment: Strap
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


brooklyncoats 7 years ago

Difficult poses, not unattainable but awesome for my back/neck pain! Great for intermediate yogis who need a stretch but want to push themselves

Stephen 7 years ago

Very grateful for discovering yoga ... and grateful for lessons like this.

dakinigrrl 7 years ago

Love this class, and Shivani's calm and focused teaching. I also love that the Surya Namaskar B's are easier than the classic ashtanga/power version. Still, she works in a lot of strength and expertly instructed vinyasas.
Can we have more classes from Shivani, please? :)

yoga_jenn 7 years ago

I love how I feel after doing this and I've done this class a few times now and my back and everything just feels so good.

Carli08 7 years ago

Challenging yet beautiful and relaxing. Love this class.

mariaenpaz 7 years ago

So well explained, so calmed. Lovely! Greetings from Mexico City

rml244 7 years ago

I liked the steady progression of this class from gentle opening to big heart openers. I love those challenging natrajasanas, always reminds me of courage and liberation. Thanks Shivani!

galerygirl 7 years ago

loved this flow more than all the others I've tried here. a little bit different and challenging but beautifuly explained. thanks

vivigalleguillos 7 years ago

Thank you very much for help us , for share with us such a valued practice.NAMASTE for all evrybody that make possible this website!
Exhale Love !!
What do you send out into the world, after receiving what it has to give? ...NAMASTE

sarahbeam 7 years ago

This was a lovely practice, with wonderful instruction and options. Quite exhilarating. I thank you.