Morning Stretch Flow

Josh Chen
Instructor Josh Chen
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Please help us welcome our newest instructor, Josh Chen!

Did you wake up stiff this morning? This quick sequence with Josh will get you going for your day. Prepare to move through a full-body stretch designed to get the sleepies out! Note: You will need two blocks for this practice.

Equipment: Block
Style: Slow Flow


leelzeebub 2 days ago

That was a really refreshing morning practice. Thank you Josh!

lologm 3 days ago

Great class and just what I needed this morning! I too look forward to more of your classes.

Bend4kc 3 days ago

Liked this class, and the instructor’s well-timed cues. I’ve also used it to loosen up after a work day of sitting. Look forward to trying another class from Josh.

turnerck 4 days ago

Fantastic class! Thank you for this ray of sunshine for my morning. I loved the reference to 'shooting starring' our arms across our bodies - beautiful imagery and energy. Namaste Josh.

ÀfricaRM 4 days ago

This is a sweet and slow class, perfect when you feel stiff in the mornings or tired in the evenings. Thank you, Josh.

kidegen 4 days ago

What a great start to the day. Just the right intensity. Thanks so much Josh and I look forward to doing more of your classes.

Bcarrasco 5 days ago

A great way to gently start your day. Josh’s voice is super soothing. Thank you Josh!

Grumpydog 5 days ago

Wonderful class to wake up the spine (and the rest of body and soul)! Excellent pacing and cueing. Thank you so much, Josh :-)