Moon Salutations

Anastasia Hangemanole
Instructor Anastasia Hangemanole
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Moon salutations are a fun alternative to the popular sun salutations. They are very different - bringing in goddess, pyramid, standing side bends and no downward facing dog. Anastasia introduces the class for the first 6 minutes, so if you would prefer to go right into the flow, skip to 6:45. This is designed so that you can continue on your own once you remember the flow for yourself.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


nadonado 2 years ago

I was recently told to avoid bending in half or downward dog. I thought it meant the end of yoga for me. However, this class did the trick. I feel stretched out while avoiding folds. I like Anastasia's calm voice and gentle pace. Thank you.

tleopold 2 years ago

Thank you for providing guidance for the moon salutation - as we are about to enjoy a full moon (March 2018).

katielee23 2 years ago

Thank you for this lovely relaxing sequence, Anastasia. Thought I would do it in the energy of the new moon just now. I always enjoy the audience that's in the water behind you, too. :-) What kind of critters are they??

kholbein 3 years ago

This was an excellent flow to end my busy day! Thank you!!

Anastasia Hange... 3 years ago

So glad everyone is enjoying the Ninja Pose/flow. It's for sure harder than it looks, and there is something to satisfying about making it from one end of the mat to the other so down low :)

cechandler 3 years ago

I have injured shoulders from HIIT workouts so I am slowing down but still working out with yoga and various cardio. This is a great flow that doesn't impact the shoulders but does help stretch them. Thank you! It's been difficult finding standing yoga flows and this one has a great pace and utilizes a lot of muscles.

Melanie Lichtinger 3 years ago

Loved the initial walk-through, and new (to me) variation of Moon Salutations - yay, on a yummy Taurus Moon today!
Ninja dancer stretches were so welcomed - balance and hip opening. Will do more of these.
Muchas gracias, Anastasia!

Sari 3 years ago

Such a lovely mini relaxation. Perfect way to end the day. Thank you!